July 7, 2011

Treat people right

As a thank you for our realtor, we invited him and his wife to join us for dinner. They picked a lovely restaurant in our neighborhood and we all met up last night.

During the afternoon before, while on the phone, I'd mentioned to a friend that we were having dinner with our realtor and she exclaimed, "You always find the best realtors!" It's true. Our Baltimore realtor became a friend and we're still in touch. Last night our realtor, Nice Guy promised to invite us to the tailgate he hosts for the first home game at SMU. (He and his wife are alumni and boosters of the football team--which seems to involve traveling to EVERY game! Yikes.)

They are a very dynamic couple. Nice Guy is an older gentleman with a quiet, calm demeanor and his wife is a high-intensity whirlwind. She's also a realtor as well as a wedding coord1nator for one of the big Presbyterian (social club?) churches in Dallas. Then in her copious free time she does fundraising benefit events for local children's charities.

Here's a sample of her conversation, "Oh, Jrex, we are so excited you chose Dallas! We're very supportive of our medical community here. And you chose the BEST house! Oh my God, I just love that house. When we saw that darling kitchen nook and that amazing master suite, I fell in love. You're going to love it. And you're having a baby! That's fantastic. You'll be amazing parents. OTRgirl, you're just adorable. You're obviously going to be a wonderful mother."

Being with her was a little bit like plunging my finger into a wall socket, I think I'm still recovering!

As we said farewell at the end of the evening, Nice Guy repeated, "While Jrex is out of town, call us for anything you need, OTRgirl. Recommendations, help in the house. Don't let yourself feel alone, ok?"

I'd heard from a few people that we'd have no trouble making friends here since people are so friendly. So far, it's seemed to be true.


Anonymous said...

Hooray. As one transplanted many times in my life due to a miliatary family, feeling like people care and want you to belong sounds like a great feeling to have. And part of that is down to you, for being open to it and doing things like inviting htem to a thank you meal. So nice it's all working out so well for you.

Mizasiwa said...

a bit off topic but i have a penpal with which i have been corresponding since we were about 9 so thats over twenty years - she is from Dallas :-)

Anonymous said...

Have a care. You'll give Realtors a good name.

But seriously, my also was greatly blessed by Realtors. E.g. When we moved to Holland, MI, I needed to start school early in September. My parents needed to wind up the newspaper business in Charlevoix, and our new home would become available at the beginning of October. So, for September, I lived with our Realtor and his family. Each morning, he drove me to Holland High, tenth grade.