July 15, 2011


I'd already planned to hit the consignment stores and antique shops to try to find some of the remaining puzzle pieces for the house. Plus I have a bunch of odds and ends that need to be done:
  • sand and hang the shelves in my office
  • hang the shelves that function as night stands in the guest room
  • organize all the books that my wonderful husband insisted on unpacking and ended up just shoving onto any shelf
  • figure out places to stash all our weird bits and pieces
  • set up the art studio/workshop in the room next to the garage
However, I figured I had a while before Jrex was back and it was hard to find my motivation. Then my Aunt Ruby called me and asked when I want a house guest. She has time next week (as in THIS Monday). She's going to come down from Oklahoma with a friend of hers and they'll be with me through late Monday evening through Thursday. I'm excited to see her and have her help and advice, but it sure makes the to-do list feel imperative!

One of the big reasons I'm a designer rather than a fine artist is that I need a deadline. Thanks for giving me a good one, Aunt Ruby.


Inkling said...

This sounds fun. I wish I could go consignment/antique shopping with you. I LOVE doing that because it feels like a treasure hunt and it's fun to find unusual things and repurpose them. And deadlines are good too....they are the only way I get anything done it seems. Have a fun visit. Can't wait to see pics (if you decide to share them). =)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I get exhausted just reading your job list. I find your ambition and energy amazing -- especially while you're hauling the tad with you. Please don't overdo.

Do you know that Ruby was the first name of your Grandmother, Baba Dean?

Anonymous said...

Gracious! It sounds like you are planning and doing a lot.

Be sure you take snacks when you shop. I did too much shopping when I was pregnant as we were moving into a new place when I was in my seventh month. I almost fainted twice in the checkout line and thankfully there was snack bar where a store employee grabbed a hot dog for me once and something to drink another time.

I was shopping the clearance sales and forgot to eat.

I'm like Inkling ... I can't wait to see pictures if you decide to share.

I also wanted to thank you for your comments and support on my blog. These last few months away have been tough and it made me smile to see your comments especially knowing that you took the time to read my posts despite all you have going on yourself. :-)

Mizasiwa said...

hey a girl loves a deadline but for me its just an overwhelming task - looks like our visit has moved up a week - so the week i was going to spend doing final touches may never happen - oh well. I agree with GOTJ take snacks just incase even if you have eaten or are planning on it - shopping doesnt always work to plan so its always good to keep some kind of snack handy to keep your energy up. Also glad you have some company.

mama nabi said...

When we move, I'll be solo-settling in (with the child) for about 5 days while the man goes on a mandatory faculty camping trip... 5 days now seem so little compared to those months!

...are you sure you'd want us a-visiting? We are seriously considering taking you up on that offer but feeling like we might be imposing...