August 16, 2010

This one's for you, babe!

In a slightly discouraging, but humorous presentation, Matt Might, professor of Computer Science at the University of Utah, explains what a PhD really is:

Now, I'd argue that Jrex has a little more knowledge than that, given Med School, Residency, Fellowship and a post-doc, but he doesn't know EVERYTHING. As witnessed by the reality that when we go for hikes, he has no idea what kind of rock, tree or bird I'm asking him to tell me about. I keep asking what good it is to be married to a scientist if he can't answer all my science questions. On the other hand, at least he can examine my bruises and fevers and tell me if I should call my official doctor.

On a humorous note, I heard from my friend that the designer that New Company hired is slow, not that good and turning out to be a disappointment. Turns out she doesn't know web design either!!! I guess she was $25,000 cheaper than me and they saw dollar signs vs value.

In other job news, I met with our General Manager this morning and it sounds like she might want me to do the Production role, though she wouldn't let me jump to director status. We'll talk further and I'll try to figure out if I really want it. They're in 2nd rounds with a potential creative director so we'll see what happens.

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giftsofthejourney said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the job turns out just as you wish.