August 17, 2010

Some highly random link love

The licking is really loud and my foot is really warm. Her butt rests on my foot as she leans over for her nightly grooming. I swear this dog is a cat. She even coughs like she has hairballs.

I've been wandering all over the internet tonight. Jrex is working on writing a grant, a review paper and his interview talk (a 55-minute lecture with 40-50 PowerPoint slides), so most evenings he's busy and I need to keep fairly quiet after dinner.

On Gifts of the Journey I read one of the most horrifying posts ever. She told of a near drowning experience she'd had and linked to a story that relates how drowning doesn't look like drowning. My horror is not just at the facts in the article, though they are scary enough, my horror is that my two rounds of American Red Cross lifeguard training did NOT cover the symptoms of drowning!!! What the heck!?

Then in a complete tangent, I jumped over to Psychology Today. One of my college boyfriend's is now an Autism expert and has a column. He was one of the least altruistic and most self-absorbed people I knew in my hippie college, so the fact that of all of us he's probably helped the most people is bizarre. I'm oddly proud of him.

From there, I read a bunch of Asperger articles, including a link to a Wired article about how Silicon Valley is the genetic breeding ground for severely autistic kids. Also another one about affluent couples being most likely to have autistic children. Which leaves me wondering, does the fact that Jrex and I met OUTSIDE of the valley when we were poor mean we're less likely to breed an autistic child? (sorry, gallows humor)

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Anonymous said...

I noticed in my goggle reader that you had a new post and was surprised to see a link to me. Thanks so much for the link love and for passing on the link to the drowning symptoms. You just might save a life.

I found the drowning piece intriguing as well and largely because my behavior at the time of my near drowning was not obvious and presented much in the way the 'Symptoms of Drowning' post outlined.

Glad Gordon the lifeguard was on duty that day and knew how to spot a child in trouble.