May 10, 2010

Iron Man!

On Thursday night, during climbing, Graceful mentioned she wanted to see Iron Man 2 the next night. We all ended up meeting at the theater. As mentioned before, Jrex and I love comic book movies. Our third climbing partner, Petite Slovak1an did not grow up here, doesn't know comics, yet is with a guy who has the geek factor. The rest of us loved the movie, but she just shrugged when I asked what she'd thought, "I have to go to all these movies, they're ok." It made me realize how many 'inside' jokes there are, how much punning, how many plays on language. Not easy when English is your second language.

Mickey Rourke plays a bad-guy Russian and is GREAT in the role. Basically all the acting was really good except for the pipsqueak who's supposed to be Rourke's 'boss'. It felt like a sitcom actor got plunked into a movie and wasn't up to the challenge. Everyone else brought layers and subtlety to their roles, which is a challenge in a comic book movie, but the pipsqueak was just the same shrill note over and over and over.

Anyway, worth seeing.

Finished The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo in book form this weekend. Definitely worth it. I was able to skim through the rough scenes, which helped. I love the characters and their complexity. Given how gritty this one was, I'm nervous to get the next one in the series since it focuses on the illegal sex trade, but I'm sure I'll go for it. In the meantime, it's nice to relax with Mary Jo Putney's trilogy: Wild Child, China Bride and Bartered Bride.

I'm finding that the strangest thing for me about the Kindle is the overall feeling that I'm reading one GINORMOUS book with very different sections. Because every 'book' looks and feels the same, I don't get the same sense of accomplishment when I finish one and start another. Other than that though, I LOVE my Kindle. I've been reading up a storm. The thing looks like it's attached to my hand: dog walks, eating cereal, brushing my teeth, waiting for the train, saving a big file, lunch breaks, evenings, all sporting me and my bright orange-covered Kindle. (In real life, it's MUCH brighter. Which wasn't what I wanted, but hey, might as well be conspicuous, right? Sheesh...)

PS. Thanks for all the responses to my previous post. That's all really helpful. I'll have more about that soon.

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NGS said...

Yay Kindles!! I'm so excited you are using it so much. I never leave home without mine!