May 12, 2010

Au Revoir Les Trek 790

[cue frantic movement music]
The past two days included client meetings (which involve Jrex dropping me off so my hair/makeup/outfit aren't mussed), a starter that failed on the mighty Subaru, a rental car, our mechanic, and then this month's savings going into the Subaru (at what point do we bail and buy a new car?!).

[cue sunny music]
Finally this morning was 'normal'. Inspired by Snickollet, I woke up early and went for a brisk walk/trot. Then I dressed in comfy clothes and ran downstairs to jump on my bike to head to work.

The wall was yellow. It was big. It was really big, because there wasn't a bike in front of it. There wasn't a bike in my neighbors area. There wasn't a bike up the stairs locked to the railing (where it obviously should have been). There wasn't a bike in the back of the apartment (because it might have wandered off?). There WERE two ratty bikes in my neighbor's carport. But my shiny, happy, new woman-specific bike-seat, just fixed my Armadillo tires, new Shimano brakes commuter bike? Gone.

[cue sad music]
I ran to catch the train and then walked half an hour from the train to my office. (I have a sunburn)

I've just scanned craigslist for another bike, but it makes me sad. I've had cars stolen, but that didn't feel as personal as my bike being taken. I'd truly outfitted it just for me. It had become an extension of my legs and hands, my stress-buster at the end of a long day, light enough to lift into a train but rugged enough for potholes and rain.

[wringing hands]
My precious. it back nasssssty hobbbbitttsss!

I wish it was just au revoir and not goodbye.


Snickollet said...

Oh, what a sad tale! I'm so sorry that your bike was stolen. It's so disorienting, isn't it, to have something that should be in a specific place not be there--when my computer at work got stolen, I felt like I was losing my mind. I kept walking out of my office and back in, expecting that next time it would be there, because where else could it be???

Again, so sorry.

Rachel said...

Oh, that's so sad. What a terrible loss. People suck.

Re the car, we just spent $600 to fix my 94 Acura. But given that it breaks down about once a year, it's still way cheaper than buying a new car. Still, it is no fun spending money on fixing an old car. I feel your pain.

David said...

I know how that feels. I had my bike stolen a months ago. What made it worse is I just got done putting a baby rack in the back so I can go biking with my 2 year old. As far as your car is concern, I have used a formula that works for me. If your monthly repair outside normal maintence plus cost of inconvenience plus too tired to look equals 50 percent or over a car payment then I get one. I hope this helps.

NGS said...

Oh, I would not know what to do if my bike were stolen! (Actually, I would go down the street to this creepy used bike store that I'm convinced has 75% stolen bikes for merchandise.) I'm so so so sorry.

We have four bikes hanging on our living room walls because we are both paranoid about someone taking our preshus babies. But it could happen when we lock our bikes up to go inside the grocery store. It's probably only a matter of time for us to have to face this...

Poor you!

Aimee said...

How rotten!

But can I say? I love how you set the story up, cuing music to ellicit a mood. Cute! :-)

B.E.C.K. said...

I'm so sorry to hear your bike was stolen. What a violation! Some people can be so boundary-less. :-(

Anonymous said...

Tragic. I know how much a lost bike
hurts. Blessings on finding a replacement.

Anonymous said...

I wish you lived closer. I have a trek bike in my basement that I have ridden maybe a dozen times that I would love to be able to give to you - not sure how much it would cost to ship - or how


Lil'Sis said...

Sorry OTRgirl, that just stinks!!

Dealing with the money pouring into an old car right now too, not sure when I'll reach the breaking point, hang in there woman and good luck on the bike search.

mary said...

OH that totally sucks! My dad took the bike that i learned how to ride the bicycle on to the car shop (this is when I was like 11) and he LEFT it there and of course it was gone. i've also had another bike stolen but nothing that i rode everyday to work! i'm so sorry. did you register it?

OTRgirl said...

I filed a police report. They called me back to find out if I knew the serial number. I didn't even know that bikes HAD serial numbers... sigh.

@Julie: Thank you for the offer! It would be cool if we were close enough for me to take you up on that. I'm going to go sample bikes in the store. Decide if I want a road bike or not (pretending that if I had one, I'd ride all the way to work. HAH!).

We do have renters insurance, so I'll see how much they'll give me for it.

michiganme said...

Am not sure how long ago you bought the bike, but sometimes your paperwork will have the serial number written on it (by the bike shop.) My bike's serial number is stamped (engraved)on the frame of the bike.

giftsofthejourney said...

Oh ... I am sorry to read this. I have been robbed twice, one in the army when someone came in through a locked window and once in my home where they took my antiques, some of which were family pieces. I was torn between searching the antique stores for them or staying away. It grieved me so to lose some of them. Plus, it just feels crappy when someone steals your stuff.

You may feel like that when you see people on bikes that look like yours ... at least for a while anyway, but I hope not.

I hope the insurance company gives you enough to get the same bike with all the extras. Don't forget to include the special brakes and seat. ( I'm sure you've thought of that, but the mom in me can't help herself sometimes)

BTW, Sorry to cause a distraction in your morning with the Brazen Careerist post. That is exactly how it happened with me too ... reading her stuff when I should have been writing my own. Thanks for taking time to comment as well. It's nice to see who's out there.