May 25, 2010


At the end of June, my Dad will be packing up his belongings (and boxes of stuff for us kids) and driving a UHaul (well, my brother will be driving it) out to Seattle.

After listing the house back in October, it finally sold a month ago. My sister, being an awesome human being, is organizing a farewell party for my Dad. She got Mom's address book when Mom died and has been MUCH better than me at keeping up with the Cincy posse. Anyway, I've been trying to figure out timing and finances to get out there. UGH. Delta has a monopoly on Cincy and it's really expensive to fly there. All the flight times are bad at one end or the other. Aside from that, the Sunday of the celebration weekend is my hubby's birthday and I'd like to be around for that. Basically it just doesn't feel like it's 'supposed' to happen.

My week there last October was sufficient for my emotional goodbye to the house, but it would be great to also see the people who made Cincinnati home.



Aimee said...

Have you thought about naming your own price at Priceline? Do you have any frequent flier or credit card miles to use?

I agree about Delta. I had the same issues from TUL to CRW. Tulsa was mostly Southwest, American or maybe USAir, but I don't think so, and Charleston is US Air and Delta.

OTR sister said...

You're giving me way too much credit: the guest list is mostly from Dad and other key people.

Do you remember, though, that Mom organized her address book with the wife's name always first? It was her way at poking fun at the traditional way of doing things. Julie and Chuck, Sue and Ted, Chyrl and Chuck. It's mind-bending when you think about it.

I wish you could be there too.

Rachel said...

You must have so many memories attached that house. And with your dad in another city, I guess you won't have a reason to go back there again. But I suppose part of being an adult is having to make tough choices like that. Sigh.

Liz said...

This is good news in the long-term, right? Sorry it's tough in the short-term, though. I do think you should go if you can. Hope it all works out. - Liz W.

otr mama said...

There's a direct flight from Seattle...I forget which airline. Anyway, don't go. Give him the "Welcome to the West Coast" Party!