December 23, 2009

I feel so loved

Reason 1: Jrex went to the airport to pick up his Mom without me.
He told her what was happening in a "Good news/Bad news" way. She was really excited that we'd conceived without any medical help. (Jrex's sister had to do multiple invitros and had a couple miscarriages.) Within the first 20 minutes after she arrived at our place she'd given me a couple pep talks and a story of a Korean Christian guy who waited through 15 years of marriage before he had his son.

Reason 2: One friend loaned me her car while she's gone for a week.

Reason 3: Another friend gave me a key to her apartment. I'm going to pretend to have to work tomorrow and have a little alone time. Plus, I've told Mom K I have to water my friend's plants, so every couple days I have a reason to go grab some time alone.

Reason 4: Many emails and phone calls from friends and family.

Reason 5: I thought we were going to have to spend Christmas Eve with Jrex's extended family up in San Francisco. His cousin owns a restaurant and we all gather there. Usually everything is in Korean, so the food is good, but it's usually tedious. NOT how I wanted to spend Christmas Eve. Found out this morning that we get to go up there next week instead. I'm actually looking forward to going to church. I don't think Mom K has gone to church since staying with Jrex's sister, so she's looking forward to it as well.

Tonight is Mom K's anniversary. She wants to go out to dinner. I found a good sympathy card and I'll write in it my fond memories of Dad K. If we have time, Jrex can add a couple as well. I hope that Mom K feels loved during her time here.


Anonymous said...

God be praised that you're having a great time right now. And you feared it would be so dreadful. Yes, you are loved. The LORD is really making the rough places smooth. I'm glad for you.

OTR sister said...

Your friends with the car and apartment are brilliant.

I'm going to try and get our brother to go to Christmas Eve service too. Is it too low to have his niece ask him?

I wish I could give you a big hug.

Rachel said...

Glad you found a way to escape! I am cooking Korean food for the inlaws tomorrow. Wish me luck. :)

scarp said...

I have little time, both to read/process what is going on in your life, and alosto be able to write something meaningful in response. Butknow that I love you guys and am praying for you...

Inkling said...

I'm just catching up on all your news. I am glad you have a way to get some alone time this week, as that is going to be even more important than normal as you deal with all the emotions from losing a baby to miscarriage. I've been there, just so you know. It's the weirdest feeling when it's early on like that - when you only have the "theoretical" emotions and yet you know the facts. I did spend a lot of time imagining my baby and all the other babies lost that way cuddled up on Jesus' lap. He was somehow able to hold each baby as if they were the only one, and yet He had them all in His arms. That was my best comfort a couple years ago.'s hard for me to articulate. But even though I"m tripping all over my words, just know that if I could give you a hug and just hang out with you, I would. I'll be thinking of you this week. Know that you've got someone in Canada caring a whole ton about you as you process this and discover what the future holds. Much love and prayers....and hope for a good future.