October 19, 2009

THIS is why I haven't done Christmas letters since moving to California

In Cincinnati, the leaves were turning. My last two days, we had the heat on in the house and wore coats and scarves outside.

When the weather starts to shift, my thoughts turn inward. I begin to reflect, to want to stay indoors more than be outside. The colder it gets, the more profound that hibernation becomes. It makes it very natural in the dark of winter, to light the warm thoughts about the past year and to send that out to those I love.

(This photo is purely for Hilary...)

When I got back here, the next day was sunny. I wore a tank top with a light shirt over it and a pair of long shorts. It's a very strange thing to 'complain' about, but I miss the seasonal slowing down. Granted, I don't want the upstate NY amount of hibernation. Baltimore and Cincinnati both had the perfect balance: three months of every season.


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Mama Nabi said...

I remember the first Christmas in Bangladesh... no Christmas carols on the streets, no hat, no mittens, no sweet smells of winter snacks sold by street vendors, no tree...