August 19, 2009

On Being Alone

Jrex has been gone for a week and a half. He was gone for three weeks, came home for nine days and then flew back to New York. This is the most time I've had alone since we got married. It's been long enough to think about what life would be like if I were single again.
  1. I don't like it.
  2. The evenings are long and it's hard to go to sleep in a big, empty bed.
  3. I wouldn't eat very well. I like cooking FOR someone, eating WITH someone. By myself? I live on English muffin pizzas, cereal, fa[s]t food and salads from Trader Joes.
  4. When he's here, I feel like I don't get as much done because we're sitting and talking. With him gone, I just avoid my evenings by reading or watching TV, so I don't get much done either way!
  5. I blame him sometimes when the house starts to feel cluttered; without him, it still gets cluttered! I just do a massive straightening once a week. I guess it's not all his fault...sigh. It's much more fun to blame someone else!
  6. If I were sole dog owner, I'd definitely find a middle-school kid and get a dog walker deal going. Jrex doesn't like the idea of a strange kid in the house, so he won't let me do that, but it's impossible to juggle this crazy job with a dog at home unless I have help.
Bottom line? I get to pick him up today and I'm SO (so) grateful that I'm not a widow. It gives me sympathy for Mom K as she still can't decide to let Dad go. Being alone is a formidable task and I honor my friends who are braving that frontier.


Snickollet said...

Substitute "twins" for "dog" and you've described my life :). I wonder where I can find a twin-walker?!

I'm really glad you get Jrex back tonight.

otrmama said...

Yay for Jrex returning home!!!

Anonymous said...

the evenings for single people(me), unless you have lots of friends, just waste away. I find it hard to get the motivation to do things on my list, clean the apartment or cook decent meals because then i have to do the dishes. The massive straighten/clean up once a week seems more applicable.

Yay for Jrex coming home.

Asianmommy said...

I know--absence does make the heart grow fonder, huh?