August 26, 2008

Be careful what you ask for...

As mentioned a while ago, I did a little flare prayer about God changing my mind so that I do more exercise.

Today is my own, personal mini-triathalon: run, bike, climb. This morning I was all the way up to a 5k (thanks to First Day to 5k). I still don't know if the mutt likes these runs. She certainly makes me stop frequently so she can mark territory and 'do her business'. I can see myself now, running the Bay to Breakers 12k next May and panting to Lovey, "Wait, hold on, I need a pretend poop break".

After stretching, with the mutt snuggling right next to me in each new position I take, I bike to work, as usual. (I DO take a shower somewhere in there, don't fret.) Then after work today, I'll bike to the train, express down to Sunnyvale, bike to the gym, climb til my arms are trembling and my knees are bruised, then bike back to the train (Jrex offers to pick me up, but then, when would I read my book?).

Makes me sound really studly, huh? The truth is, I'd never get out the door for the run if I didn't have to walk the dog. Every single time, I HATE it as I'm heading out. Every time, when I'm done, I feel great. Even knowing that, I'd never do it if it were optional. Honestly, that's the only way I've ever exercised, just had a lifestyle that contributed to non-optional exercise. In college, all my running consisted of trying to catch the bus. Hiking involved going for a prayer walk with my cat (George followed me into the woods and paced 10 steps behind me). Biking got me to a job that was off the bus line.

Of all these, the only exercise that I've loved for it's own sake is climbing. There are days when I'm tired and don't do very well, but I've yet to dread doing it.

Do any of you have forms of exercise that you anticipate with eagerness? Tricks for exercise to make yourself do it anyway? Why is it so hard to do thing that are good for us 'for their own sake'?


Neurotic Grad Student said...

Argh. I hate it all. I have to convince myself to run, bike, yoga, or anything else. I enjoy the feeling afterwards, but sometimes it's all I can do to force myself to take the first step.

I do it because I have seen what living an unhealthy lifestyle has done to my parents and most of the time that's motivation enough. (And having a cool partner who will get up with me at 6:00 am if that's the only time in the day we can fit in a run!)

mplscuz said...

So next time we see you, you'll be ripped, right? :)

I was thinking about combining excercise with more enjoyable activities yesterday as I walked home with a friend I hadn't seen in a while. Walking with her is the perfect time to catch up. Once we went our separate ways, I called mom and talked to her the rest of the way home. I think my pace was a little too leisurely to be considered excerise - but I did like the multi-tasking...I got double the endorphens (sp?)...Have a good rest of your week!!

Mama Nabi said...

Music. I can endure almost anything with music. Except labor pains. Music actually irritated me, I wanted absolute silence to concentrate on the whole new level of pain.

So I hear you're coming to our town, ripped and all...

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you. i HATE going to yoga. when i'm done, i feel great. i make myself go because i bought the sessions and it would be a terrible waste of money to not use them.

like mplscuz, i like to walk/talk with a friend but i have a hard time trying to find someone to do it with me regularly.

Anonymous said...

with someone makes it easier but I haven't found that someone yet that will regularly commit, in the meantime, the occaisional running partner will do and I'm shamed into running between those sessions so I won't be so horribly out of shape or slow when we get together. Sad isn't it!

OTR sister said...

I walk and listen to music. It's my alone time when I can grab it.

Beloved said...

Oh, I hear you! I am struggling so much with exercise lately. This week I am finally (maybe) getting back in my groove. I get up at 5:15and walk/jog for 30 minutes. Then a couple of days a week I do some ab/arm exercises. It's such a struggle to get up, though and only gets worse as it gets darker and colder in the mornings.
I did go and walk a dog at the humane society last week and that was fun. That provided some motivation. I do feel sorry for those poor mutts all cooped up all day. Actually, tomorrow my guy and I are going to the greyhound shelter to walk the dogs there. I definitely hear you on the inspiration dogs can provide. :)

Anonymous said...

You already have great
exercise. You bike to and
from your job.

Wish I could do that, but
my office is straight up
a 12 degree grade. So, I
look for opportunities to
mix biking and work.

And, I do run upstairs.