July 16, 2008


My Dad will fall out of his chair when he reads this, but I watched the All Star game last night. Jrex is a big Yankee fan and it was the last All Star game for the old Yankee stadium. He got home early to watch the game and then planned to do some work from home. I played 'good wife' and made nachos for dinner (piled with avacado, peppers, chili, jalepenos, onions, chili and cheese).

The truth is, I sat there and read James Herriot's, Dog Stories, but I did look up whenever Jrex gasped or yelled. It's a good thing there are replays!

He fell asleep in the middle of the 13th inning (at 10:30 PM our time). Then I felt obligated to watch so I could shake him awake for anything exciting. I woke him up for bases loaded, bottom of the 15th, one out. He caught the excitement of the final run. I enjoyed the crowd shots showing kids sitting loyally next to their parents as their eyes drooped and their heads bobbed lower and lower toward sleep. The game ended at 11 pm our time, which means it was 2 am in NYC. Crazy!

One definite perk of being on the West Coast: not having to stay up through the night during baseball season.


Inkling said...

You are an amazing wife. That deserves at least a new pair of shoes or something. =)

OTR sister said...

We watched it too. I also love living on the West Coast, particularly during the play-offs.

Living in the Central time zone was also great for prime time television.

Rachel said...

Oy, baseball is sooooo boring. You are a better woman than I. I did like going to the games though, just to see the human zoo.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I was up watching it too, alone:) I'm the bigger fan in the house. I know the shot of the kid with the sleepy eyes you speak of, good stuff.

If you didn't earn a new pair of shoes, at least a nice evening of "me" time with Jrex would be good, he can make one of those great dinners you've shared about before too!

Snickollet said...

I made it until 11pm east coast time. That's late for me!

It was sweet of you to make such a good evening of it for Jrex.

Mama Nabi said...

:-) I can't wait until I allow LN to stay up to watch the World Cups in 2010.

(BTW, I was really touched by your last post... but nothing I tried to say felt relevant or revering enough... I don't know if that makes sense... :-) OH, and stop beating yourself up about that PP button - it was up and it was down... I will let you take me hiking some day.)

Mama Nabi said...

oh, and visors OPTIONAL on that hike.

Anonymous said...

I fell out of my chair.

You've become a good wife.

I still remember the hurt that no one in the family would sit with me to watch the fourth (and final) game of the 1990 World Series between the Cincy Reds and the Oakland A's. There I was, all alone, in a classroom at Harmony School, Bloomington, Indiana, watching history being made. All alone.