July 13, 2008

For the last two weeks, I've been in an annoying mode where I just want to avoid my life. No time with God, minimal time with Jrex, minimal time or effort at work. It felt like a relentless pursuit of false rest to the point where my spirit felt as dry as the local creek beds. On Friday as I rode home, I threw up a flare prayer, "You've got to change this! I can't stand how I'm acting!"

No fireworks or bolts from the blue, but Saturday, I woke up and wanted to spend some time with the Lord before launching into my busy day. Again, nothing profound. Just a reminder through Psalm 27 to hide in him and to find real rest in his presence.

Then the rest of the day flowed along on well-oiled wheels. The woman who started our women's group, Only Child, would be having a baby shower in the evening. The women from Super Group (NOT a name I coined, but it will do for now) pooled our resources to get a shower gift for her. I went on-line yesterday to check their registry only to find that the two items in our price range were backordered indefinitely. Yikes! Fortunately they mentioned that they'd be happy with gently used items as well. I jumped on Craigslist and actually found the stroller and carseat from the registry. The posts were a couple days old, but when I emailed, they were still available.

Bought the carseat Saturday at 9:30 AM and then drove up and over the pass to Scotts Valley to buy the stroller. It was in as-new condition. Used once just to determine that it was too small for their toddler. After loading the loot, I stopped off to do a run with the dog (the new harness is working well). Then home for laundry and getting ready.

The shower was fun. We took over part of the back yard at Vino Locale, a local wine bar where Singer Girl works once or twice a week. Our favorite couple from supper club was there. We even had a gang war (verbal only) with Smart Girl, member of a "Foodie Club". Nope, we're definitely lower brow in our supper club. However, one of OUR people made the orzo dish that had the restaurant owner begging for the recipe. Ha!

What I loved about the day was how much I could sense the Lord wanting to bless Only Child and Hedonistic Outdoorsman. They've truly been the reason we have as much community as we do here and they are generous with their time and in offering hospitality. It felt right to be able to bless them with both car seat AND stroller for the price of the car seat. It was SO much fun to just be the Lord's hands for the day. All the details worked out seamlessly and I had fun in the process. I can't even put the right words around it, but it felt like I was in the midst of joyful Bigness.


Snickollet said...

"Flare prayer." I love it!

Anonymous said...

That's so great! Love how they put that they'd be happy with gently used items. I didn't know that people did that or I would've done it too! haha.

scarp said...

Thanks for your comments - it helps a lot just to know someone knows and cares about what is going on with us. (Herme is already feeling exhausted and discouraged -please keep praying!)
Glad you spent that time with the Lord and really felt the difference!

jen said...

so, when you called me... were you faking? haha