January 2, 2008

I've drifted through two weeks at work with most of my clients and many of my co-workers out of town. The days are never so long when I'm busy. This is BORING! (I'm sure I'm going to be eating these words and kicking myself later) I thought everyone would be back today, but it's even worse than last week

You can always tell there's not much going on at work when I have time to "clean house" on the blog.


Our CD player (read: boom box from 10 years ago) finally died two weeks ago. I finally caved and rode to Target on Monday (I have a cousin who works for them, have to 'keep it in the family') to get a new box. Once there, I discovered it's impossible to find a quality CD player anymore! It's all home theater systems or iPod docks. I found a cheap one with both a dock and a CD slot, got it home, and found out it sounds awful.

To my shock, Mr. Thrifty (I tend to be the spender in the family compared to his saver) suggested we look into getting a Bose system instead. Hey, I'll spend the money, babe, just say the word! He suggested I check the reviews on Cnet first. They actually preferred a mini-system that plays DVD movies, CDs, MP3/WAV files, etc. Better sound, separate speakers and available at Amazon (one of my close friends works there, see above...). In fact, Amazon was having a sale so we were able to snag the system with an iPod dock for $100 less than a Bose player.

In many ways this isn't that big a deal. I know that, but it feels similar to when we bought a washing machine the first time: we're not in college anymore, Toto! It's very silly, but I'm excited. We skipped all Christmas gifts this year, so I guess this makes up for those savings... It's not "fair trade" though, is it?


Mama Nabi said...

I have a feeling I will be going the route of Bose when LN and I can finally run away to circus. The conventional stereo system with wires and stuff... blech.

My work has been so eerie as well - so many people are gone!

Rachel said...

I like your new header.

The stereo system sounds cool. I think music is important enough to justify the expenditure.

Inkling said...

You are too funny. I totally hear you on the comparison with buying a washing machine. I had no idea that cd players are a thing of the past. We use our computers here, but the sound quality is awful. I was planning to buy a "boom box" in the next few months. Guess we'll reconsider.

The post before this one on fair trade offered a great link. I had a lot of fun looking it over, bookmarked it, and plan to pass it on to my family and friends. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Happy New Year!

(Hey, if you hear from Sane Transitions before I do, let her know I'm thinking of her and praying for her.)

Wistful one said...

Sounds great! I just got my first iPod for Christmas...I feel so cool.

mplscuz said...

I have the Bose system - it was a christmas present from the family last year. I like it a lot, but sometimes it holds my DVDs for ransom. After unplugging it and hitting it a couple of times, it eventually releases them.

Happy New Year!!

Beloved said...

Like the results of the house cleaning. :)

I so wish I had a family member who worked at Amazon. I need someone to justify my many purchases there. Otherwise, I curse myself for giving my business to such big business.

Aimee said...

Love the new header/masthead. Had I known things would be that boring for you, I would have asked you to make one for my blog. :-D

I've wanted to post comments on your previous messages, but typing can be tough when you're holding a little one on your lap. It sounds like you guys had a wonderful get-away. Sounds like things are going so well!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new system, and love the look, Happy New Year...as for the work being boring thing, careful what you wish for woman:)

zelda1 said...

I can so relate to your apprehension at buying up. Mr. Zelda bought me a new laptop and while I have a pc that isn't old at all and I love it and use it daily, Ineeded a portable system for using in my office (they don't provide us TAs with computers in our offices). So, I was really freaky about it. Also, I bought a IPod but my son highjacked it and for Christmas hubby got me another and I am anxiously awaiting my son to teach me how to download music and more importantly how to turn it on. LOL. Good luck with your purchase.