January 30, 2008

I'm alive!

I have all sorts of ambitious posts in my head, but haven't been able to sit down and put words on them. 

In addition to developing the look and feel for a big show, I've been put onto a second show that piggy-backs off the first. Long story, but there were lots of politics involved and lots of potential weirdness. In essence, the client likes me and didn't like what they experienced of one of our other designers last year. However, we need to use our in-house talent and I don't have time to lead two concurrent shows. Given the concerns with her, they put me on as the 'face' of the design department, but in the end, the idea will be that I start it off and gradually step back.

I was nervous about the dynamic between the two of us, but she's been very professional and I like to make room for other people's ideas, so it's working out well. Phew! Obviously, that drama has been consuming my hours at work. At home, I've often been just collapsing and reading a book rather than doing anything on-line. Long hours staring at a computer means I just don't want to do that in my free time. Today is finally a little slower, so I can breathe and check into what's happening in the blogosphere.

One of my co-workers just found this video of amazing soccer stunts.

And here's a chat with the person who designed the Google logo.


Mama Nabi said...

Those soccer stunts are amazing - they don't look digitally enhanced or anything so if it's all real, WOW. Nothing like what happens with a soccer ball, LN, me, and our second floor hallway... :-)

ooh, I'm not surprised that you're handling the work politics so gracefully? I am such a control freak, I don't know, it'd been really stressful for me! It sounds like you really settled in well at this job... yay!

scarp said...

Good to hear you are alive and well. I mean, I was assuming it was just busy at work, but still nice to see a new post :)

I just emailed you what was going to be this weeks post. If my brain feels up to sorting thru some of the many post ideas in my brain, maybe I´ll get a new post up too...

Rachel said...

I'm glad to hear you are doing so well in your job. It sounds like they trust you/ are giving you lots of responsibility. Good to hear that you are still alive and well. :)

mplscuz said...

Speaking of interesting stuff online check out what my 2nd youngest brother sent me http://blog.wired.com/underwire/2007/10/dirty-trick-cau.html

I may try this reverse graffiti technique when I dust my house :)