May 27, 2007


I think my main point in the previous post is that I wish there was some way that all those experiences could just show. Not so much in what I wear or how I talk. Rather, what if, instead of pale white skin, people could see my kalaedescope of experiences or something? I get bored trying to explain myself to new friends, yet also annoyed when people assume the inside matches the outside. So I take it out here in the blog-world. I just want people to KNOW and then ask me interesting questions rather than constantly trying to explain anything.

I guess the transparency system would have a few drawbacks though, what if my background included a prison stay?!


Anonymous said...

A transparency system.


Does this mean you require all new friends to read through your blogs before you invite them to dinner?

A transparency system also has drawbacks.

For example, this week I discovered that, morally, I am a serial killer.

I started with my grandmother,with my wishing she were dead. She died. Since then, I have wished death on a long series of people whom I found inconvenient.

Should our dark sides also be transparent?

Beloved said...

I can so relate. I didn't grow up with diversity, but as soon as I had a chance I headed off to live as a minority (first in the Marshall Islands & then in Korea). It changed who I am and my inside definitely doesn't match my outside. It frustrates me at times.

Anonymous said...

You're so hilarious, love your idea and I can see the downside in that regard too, would be nice to not have to explain all the time backgrounds, etc., but I find half the fun in the telling too, you're a great storyteller as well so your friends probably enjoy the "learning" process:)

All the best,

Mama Nabi said...

I totally get what you're saying... it's such a pain in the ass to trying to summarize my whole childhood in a sentence to explain why I am NOT American, yet I know more about American pop culture than Korean pop culture, and yet I have no idea who Kotter is but I can tell you about different hiking trecks in the Himalayan mountains. Doesn't sound like you'd want your new anonymous friend over for dinner - at least not yet anyway.

OTR sister said...

I think we're related to her anonymous friend.

OTRgirl said...

Yeah, the only "anonymous" who posts here is my Dad. He's talking about the idea in Matthew that we are guilty for our thoughts not just our actions.

Can you tell that (melo)drama runs in my family?

Mama Nabi said...

I hope both you and otrsister haven't been inconveniencing your dad lately... you may want to invite him over for dinner sometime soon... unless it's out of his way, then pick a restaurant closer to him...? Although, now that he's not just a random anonymous, he's not as frightening any more - which sort relates back to your post.