May 18, 2007

Slow Day at work

After two crazy weeks at work, today was a bit slow, so I created this cat.

Contrary to most people’s impression when I say I work for a gaming company, I don’t actually work on designing any games. Rather I create the box covers, manual covers and disc art for games we produce. We also create gift with purchase items and other promotional pieces: t-shirts, posters, hats and other assorted tchotchki.

Outside of my cubicle at work, there’s a magazine rack packed with ‘zines I’ve never read before: Details, Vice, Urb, Hardcore Gamer and yes, Playboy. We collect issues that feature any of the games we produce. Which leads to lots of guys exclaiming, “I’m just reading the article!”

Today I read Blackbook, which featured an article where 25 authors wrote a work of fiction in six words, no more, no less. The concept is based on a well-known piece by Ernest Hemingway: “For Sale: baby shoes, never used.”

Norman Mailer: “Satan – Jehovah – fifteen rounds. A draw.”

Robert Olen Butler: “Saigon Hotel. Decades later. He weeps.”

Jamie O’Neill: “All her life: half a house.”

Augusten Burroughs: “Oh, that? It’s nothing. Not contagious.”

Me: "25 authors, only two women. Grr…"


Rachel said...

That's an intriguing premise. I think it's interesting the way sometimes having a very narrow task can help spur creativity.

Are most of your co-workers men? I don't think I would like working in that environment.

Love the cat!

OTRgirl said...

It's mostly guys, but most of them are really nice. It's certainly not the kind of job I ever envisioned for myself, but so far it's been relatively fun. During my lunch break on Friday's I could join a kickball team if I wanted...

Wistful one said...

I love those lines -- amazing how just a handful of words can knock you over. I'm reading the book White Oleander right now -- have you read it? Powerful writing, if a bit melodramatic.

Mama nabi said...

Love the cat - looks like a wild big cat, not a small domestic one. Having worked with mostly guys and now mostly with women, I must say that I actually prefer working with men... but then I do work with some very catty women... in fact, the few women in my old job were pretty mean, too, except for one with whom I'm still friends. Hm.

Oooh, I love those writing exercise type of things... "Ironically, there was never an inheritance."

OTR sister said...

I've found, working with about 50/50 men and women that the men tend to balance work and a social life better. The women are here at all hours and will bend over backward to get the job done. I realize that is a gross generalization and there are exceptions. It just seems that a woman's inability to say no carries over into the workplace.

scarp said...

" was a bit slow, so I created this cat."

Just for the record, I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to do such a thing.

OTRgirl said...

My last contract job in Cali was mostly women. I agree with the other comments--the guys work hard but tend to be a bit more laid back. Less fussy about details. As a designer, working with other women designers can be frustrating since they are WAY more controlling than most guys I've worked with. (and I know that's true of me, but so far I've mostly just been hard on myself...)

Jim O said...

Loved your story. Keep it up.

zelda1 said...

Like the cat and the six letter novels. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the cat is excellent,
but I haven't joined the
rush to ohh and ahh,
because the cat troubles me.

The grey background:
At first, my eye saw a
section of shoulder and
outstretched leg.

On restudying, I discovered
that it's probably the cat's
back. The critter is
standing at roughly right
angle to the viewer, and
the cat's head is turned
more than 90 degrees.

Is that right?

If so, it's wrong.

Just as in writing, it
must be a rule in graphic
arts, that if a passage
calls attention to itself,
redo it.

I recommend you eliminate
the grey thing in the
background. The head
alone will be better.

OTR sister said...

Dad, it's okay not to be a critic.