May 4, 2007


Jrex spoke to him and I suspect Mom K did as well. No biting, less 'forceful play'.

Lots of post thoughts while I walked the dog this morning. I compose my best blog posts walking her and then promptly forget about them as the day progresses. As a reminder, here's a list of potential topics:

1. The mystery sidewalk dog pooper with the negligent owner who leaves it. It's a mine field I tell you! Old ladies see me coming with the mutt and start yelling at me about picking up poop! People are leaving threatening notes on pieces of cardboard. Our block is a war zone.

2. Getting rid of the editor in my head and how blogging has created a new one.

3. Learning not to care what other people think and how blogging has played with my brain.

4. Surprising things my MIL said while she was here.

5. Why there are no flies in California.


Beloved said...

Good idea to jot down these potential topics for blog posts. The same thing happens to me. I have to write when I'm inspired.

Linda said...

Ooh, would love to read about number 4 :D

And huh, I never thought about the flies but now that I think about it.....