March 7, 2007

Too much to do

I have so much to write about and not enough time! I hate that.

My blog ‘to-do’ list:
  • Take a picture of the house next door so you can see how little you get for $1,029,000 here.
  • Write about seeing The Last King of Scotland. Far less gruesome than I expected but still psychologically disturbing. Definitely worth a look. Forest TOTALLY deserved that Oscar. Take a photo of my left hand where I gnawed off three fingernails during the movie. When I got home I showed my hand to Jrex, “Look what Idi Amin did to me!”
  • Whine about getting the rest of my mole excised and how I can’t ride my bike to work as a result (can’t lift it onto the train).
  • Talk about being much better adjusted to my job and even enjoying it a bit.
  • Recommend “V for Vendetta”
  • Reflect on our upcoming 10th anniversary!! Tell fun stories of the early days.
  • Muse about ways I’ve been Asianified through a discussion of places I eat with white coworkers vs. Asians.
  • Tell how Mom K accidentally hung up while talking to Jrex and called back on my cell phone not his. “Why is my mother calling you?” Ha! Cause I give her more details about our lives. I called her last week when I was fairly depressed and she wanted an update.
  • Discuss grieving process and how the ‘loss’ of Baltimore has finally caught up with me. Symptoms? I don’t feel like talking with people. I just want to hole up in our apartment and read novels. When someone asks, “Where is there a good florist?” I want to cry because I can’t scoot over to Dutch Connection in the Belvedere Market.


Wistful one said...

I miss you! I've missed your blogging too. I can't wait to see you.


Snickollet said...

Thanks for the quick and dirty. You've got a lot going on! I look forward to hearing more.

Angie said...

V for Vendetta? Really? Would you blog about that one first, please?

Rachel said...

I feel your real estate pain. We would love to buy, but we could only afford a studio fixer in the ghetto on our current income (which would be solidly middle-class in other parts of the country.)

I also know what you mean about the loss of Baltimore. When we moved I was so busy with moving-related chores and sightseeing that it took me a little while to realize how much I missed SF.

I would love to hear more about any of your topics. :)

Mama Nabi said...

I was so looking forward to V for Vendetta after reading this - our Netflix DVD was chipped and wouldn't play... dang. Now we have to wait until Saturday.
*hug* I moved around from one extreme culture to another all my life and know that not-quite-at-home-yet feeling and the loss of familiar. It's so depressing...

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read them all if you ever find the time, feeling your pain on that one. Ouch on the fingers, that bad Amin!

And the mole too, ouch again.

I'm watching V this weekend, can't wait now.

Real estate stinks when you're a buyer, stinks worse when your a seller I've found lately too.

Have a great weekend and glad the job is going well. Rest assured the East coast misses you too I'm sure of it.