March 2, 2007

The kinder, gentler designer

Buying glasses is a delicate balance between expense and impact. As a graphic designer, people pay me to think. I'm hired to take their vague floating ideas and distill them into coherent concepts. Most people don't think their ideas are vague (or misguided, or confusing, or mis-targeted). When I walk into a client meeting I need to make an impact on a non-verbal level that I'm up to date on trends. That way when a client dressed in a leather bomber jacket, oxford shirt and obvious 80's hairstyle keeps insisting he wants a logo that is royal purple I can (sensitively and oh-so-kindly) suggest that while I understand his enjoyment of purple, current styles tend more toward greens or oranges. May I recommend something in a vibrant yet earthy tone?

I often have to choose conservative glasses because they are MUCH cheaper than the trendy frames. For the first time in our marriage, we have vision insurance here. Score!

But still, I had to pick between Devil Wears Prada Bitch Designer glasses:

And, "Hi, I'm a wonderful designer and I'll be kind to you."

Sigh. I guess I'm supposed to want to be kind, right?


Anonymous said...

What a sweet blog.

It's always a sunny day when you publish a new entry.

k. said...

I don't know, those "I'll be nice to you..." glasses also have those little geometric pieces on the earpieces which seem to say "...and you had better be nice to me, because I know kung fu."

A hearty hooray for vision insurance!

OTR sister said...

I find the softer edges kinder than the hard ones. They are both pretty sweet though.

Deirdre said...

The Bitch ones make me want to need corrective lenses. Niceness is overrated.

Snickollet said...

Love them both. And love having vision insurance.