March 17, 2007

He's Got Game

Last night I “commissioned” a piano piece.

After I made dinner I asked Jrex to improv something based on “Taking Muttola for a walk”. He muttered, “This is more of a [k.’s Jrex] assignment.” [k, author of Harmless Drudge is married to an extraordinary composer/musician] Fortunately for me—Jrex isn’t so bad himself.

He created a piece that I think a select few would find hilarious: that privileged club of houseguests who’ve taken it upon themselves to try to walk the Mutt. It was full of the flippity-flop of her ears as she trots along, a few swift descents as she runs toward a squirrel; the ploop ploop of poopilage and the constant interruptions of plinks as she marks every bush that she sees. He used his left hand to represent himself and his right as the mutt. I know one isn’t supposed to laugh out loud at concerts, but, ahem, I’ve never been good at all those social niceties…

By the way, if you have any interest at all in grammar, you should check out Harmless Drudge’s site. She works for the dictionary and has just finished a masterpiece of the grammar family reunion complete with graphics!


Rachel said...

Wow, I wish I could hear it. It sounds hilarious. :)

Beloved said...

That cartoon is hilarious. Next time I watch my sister's dog, I'll have that image in my mind when she's standing by the door staring me down. Wish I could hear the musical accompaniment!

Snickollet said...

Can you post an audio file so that we can all appreciate Jrex's talent?

Anonymous said...

We are all capable of so much
more than we realize.

We see composers, writers,
filmmkaers, artists --
devoted saints and self-
sacrificing heroes --
or any others who excel --
as glorious aliens unlike

No, they're just people who
had the guts or ego to do it.

Admiral Wm. S. "Bull" Halsey
had it in perspective. Bull
commanded the US Pacific fleet
in history's largest navel
battle, when the Japanese
threw all the sea power they
had against us in the battle
of Leyte Gulf in an attempt
to stop our invasion of the

The Bull said,
"There are no great men.
No great people.
Only ordinary people.
But, there are great challenges.
And we remember the ordinary people
who overcame the great challenges."

So, I must disagree with snickollet. No audio file.

We should be watching Jrex on
Leno and buying the CD.

OTR sister said...

But sometimes we don't realize how extraordinary it is when ordinary people manage to make it through an ordinary day.

It may not be remembered or appear gutsy but it doesn't mean it is not an amazing accomplishment.

Mama Nabi said...

That's way too cool... I can't wait to own a piano (after LN masters it) and have LN entertain us after dinner... a la Jane Austen.

zelda1 said...

I always wanted to take piano lessons. Maybe someday, when I am not writing tons of papers, I'll buy a keyboard and take the lessons.