June 20, 2013

The Manifesto

I just saw a job posting for something local that is written for me. Problem? I have no website, no online portfolio, and no resume. I did buy the domain for  [My].[Name].com last year, so I have that in my favor. I'm trying to whip all this together so I can apply for it. I love my job (believe it or not), but local might be a nice change.

Either way, I should have a website up. To that end, I sat down to write out my design manifesto. What do you think:

I believe...

we are all creative
strong leadership doesn't have to be abrasive
your input is valid
working fast ≠ working sloppy
the person matters more than the task
in sophisticated boldness
in simple elegance
in tickling children and wrestling dogs
organization is beautiful
family dinners matter
it's more important to be resilient than safe
Design Divas waste all of our time
everyone has a story
strong opinions streamline the process
I'm an awesome Mom and a so-so wife
in mystery, silence and beauty
in laughter, tears and good wine
in the power of white space
mood boards matter
listening first never hurt anyone

Anything I should add? Delete? Rephrase? (see point #1)


OTR sister said...

Many of these lines are awesome, and I like the idea of creating a description of yourself from one-liners.

I would delete the line about being a mom and a wife. I think you address it much more eloquently in "Family dinners matter."

It would feel less haphazard if there were more uniformity in the grammar. For example when you switch from complete phrases to 'in sophisticated boldness.' I'm missing the verb.

You should know better than to ask our family for editing help: we love using our red pens. :)

I love how you describe yourself.

Rachel said...

I agree about deleting the Mom/ wife line. Otherwise, I like it!

Inkling said...

Catching up......how did I miss two posts?! The one about hearing God at church was really poignant and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing your heart like that.

I like your beliefs. They pretty much make me wish I could hire you. =)

Mizasiwa said...

1 you could hire my husband - he looks like he is in the market again but I think we do things way differently on our side of the world re personal website.,,
2 I agree with your sister(?) About the line moM wife better said by dinners as well as the language change is also a change d make...
3 I find your strength in prayer so amazing a friend of mine was saying the reason I do not hear our Lord is becouse I do not talk to him often enough and while I agree its hard for me especially with all the current uncertainty!!
Thank you!!!

Jack Towe said...