February 1, 2013

The Granties are coming!

Aunt Trust and Aunt Ruby are on their way to our house. My cousin JR, living in  San Antonio, son of Aunt Trust, is also making his way here. Accompanying Aunt Trust is another cousin and her three kids. Plus tomorrow, Peace Corp Cousin will join us for the day.

I've figured out where we'll tuck everyone for the 2 nights. I asked a friend who grew up with eight siblings what I should cook. He suggested chili and tacos. Sounded easy and plentiful, so that's in the works (thank you, Costco!).

Growing up, we mostly spent time with three aunts who live further north. One of the blessings in moving here is that I'm getting the chance to get to know the aunts from this area; of course "from" is in the midwestern sense that they are within a 10-hour drive.

Jrex earned major husband points when I told him we would be hosting an impromptu family reunion. He didn't blink. Didn't ask why I didn't say no. Instead, he calmly asked, "Where are we going to put them all?" Once I told him my plan, he nodded and said, "Sounds good."

I'm always intrigued by how deeply I need to have a plan, an outline, a structure from which details can hang loosely. Before I figure out that structure, an upcoming unknown feels like a huge blob that's going to roll around and destroy the world. The real truth is that I have no idea how this weekend is really going to work out (aside from lots of talking and laughing), but knowing the menus, having food in the house, having a couple things we can do tomorrow, knowing who is sleeping where, that's just enough so that I can relax and enjoy the visit. I've had friends chide me for being agenda driven, but having the agenda means I can relax. Contradictory? Me? Never!


Anonymous said...

It is Monday, how have the last two days gone? Did you sit on the front porch and talk? I have train them to keep their stuff together so there is not so much clutter. They do survive if you have to disappear to your room for an hour or two also. Enjoy as much as you can. love jj

Jack Towe said...
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Jack Towe said...

You're not contradictory. You're a master of long-form, scripted improv.

Let me guess how you handled the mob's sleeping logistics. The two aunts slept in the guest-room double bed. Then for the cousins, you rented a load of cots and put them in your (undeveloped) art studio half of the garage.