February 15, 2013

Second career

A friend of ours is considering buying a house. She sent over the listing and photos. As much as I love our house (and despite all my complaints, it really is perfect for us right now), I got really excited looking at the listing. It's in another city, has nothing to do with my life, but I just love looking at houses.

If I ever retire as a designer, I think I'd make a great realtor. I'd get to spend all day helping people find their dream house. Heck, I'd get PAID to be the nosy neighbor going to all the open houses.

Of course, the other things on my life list include traveling around the world, running an orphanage in a foreign country, editing and publishing a book my Grandpa wrote (great plot and characters, non-empathetic writing style), getting back into an art studio or being a full-time foster mom. None of them are particularly compatible with the others, huh?

All that is to say, if I could, I'd spend today scrolling MLS listings...


Mizasiwa said...

I am that nosy neighbour ... I love looking at houses and watching all the American DIY programmes on Dstv - its teRrible!! I just wish I could do some of the stuff to our house that iv seen!!

otr mama said...

You and JRex really could adopt an orphanage in South Korea, visiting 3-4 times a year. He can do his MD stuff and you could teach art, or make art and sell it to finance the orphanage. And there might be a little kid there for you to adopt. And a house, too!!!