November 16, 2011

How I suffer!

I don't remember if I ever blogged about the fact that when I was pregnant, I became lactose intolerant. In addition, anything sweet made me nauseous. I actually used to fight with the fetus about it, especially since it was Girl Scout Cookie season. Looking at a Thin Mint, I'd think, "I LIKE thin mints, dammit. You can't stop me!" Then I'd eat one and regret it for the next hour. Once the feeling of nausea faded, I'd repeat the experience. Hey, it takes me a while to be reconciled to situations in which my Will is subdued by Circumstance!

In our early days with Brex, we started to fear that he was going to be a colicky baby. By his 12th day we'd started pacing the floor, bouncing him, swaddling, soothing, swinging and shushing him. His poop went from yellow and seedy (which is what breast-fed baby poop should be) to green around that time. I googled the symptoms and got a bunch of stuff about how he wasn't getting enough 'hindmilk', that I had overabundant milk and he was only getting a flood of the early 'foremilk' and not the fatty stuff at the end. So I started nursing on one side at a time.

Fortunately for all of us, on day 14 we went to our glorious Pediatrician for his 2-week checkup. I told her about the green poop and the La Leche recommendations. She shrugged, "That may be true, but green poop usually means there's blood in the stool from an irritated digestive tract. The biggest culprit is milk protein, so you need to cut all dairy from your diet for the next two weeks and see if that helps." With a few stumbles backward, ("But I LIKE Almond Butter Thins. Surely if the butter is COOKED?") I quickly complied. All of a sudden we had a happy baby who only cried for a reason. Wow.

Prior to that doctor's appointment, I'd started fidgeting with my diet, but without her intervention, I have no idea how long it would have taken me to discontinue ALL dairy. We've wondered since how many kids with colic just have food issues? I know that most have other stuff going on, but it was such a simple solution for us that I hate to think of anyone suffering longer than necessary.

Anyway, today is Mom K's last full day here (cue the Hallelujah Chorus) so I took her out for lunch. The special was a Sandwich and Soup, and, of course the soup was a lovely Buttermilk Squash Bisque. Dairy based. Sigh... It's going on the list that I plan to wave in Brex's face any time a guilt trip is needed in the future. "You want a later curfew? How can you make me suffer like that after I gave up ice cream so you wouldn't cry?! The ingratitude of youth!"

Of course, the difference between contented Brex and screeching Brex is worth any price. Mom K complimented me on how good I kept in shape during the pregnancy and after. I can't take any credit since it's all the kid's fault. I guess he can wave that back in my face when I try to play the suffering card, "Sheesh, Mom, I made you stay thin and in good shape, and this is the thanks I get? Parents!"

Every time Mom K comments how good Brex is and that we'll never have any problems with him, I shake my head. There's no way that Jrex and I won't end up with a smart-aleck kid. It's going to be fun!


Rachel said...

I'm glad that the colic issue resolved itself when you quit dairy. But what a sacrifice! I can't imagine life without cheese. Good for you. And yay for a little peace and freedom. ;)

Mizasiwa said...

Wow - i never thought of that before! its so true though that could be a big contributor. Glad your rocking your new mom body ;-) no dairy is so so sad - good luck!!

NGS said...

Without dairy, my life would suffer immensely, but I'm sure it's better than a crying baby!

We make a completely dairy free butternut squash soup. We just roast the squash, put it in a soup pot with a quarter to a half of an onion and some soup broth for half an hour or so, and then immersion blend it. It's so creamy you'd think there would be cream in it, but there's not! (The recipe we use is actually entitled Creamy Creamless Butternut Squash Soup!)

scarp said...

Having given up acidic foods with Katya and dairy with Joshua, I know it's worth it, but it is hard sometimes. But I've also wondered how many other babies out there could be spared much colic if their mothers changed their diet.

Lil'Sis said...

We have a good number of friends who dealt with the same and the difference it made was huge like your experience...sadly my milk never came in so I don't have first hand experience, but seeing the cause/effect so abundantly clear speaks to the research analyst in me:) Love the pic, glad all is well.