August 11, 2011

I think he's going to be a night person

I've heard from a few people that the stuff the baby does in utero echoes what they do when their out. Don't yet know if it's true, but if it is, this kid will NOT be a morning person. In the mornings, he doesn't move AT ALL. Right now? As I'm finishing up yet another long day of work (two events that both open August 30th and I'm cranking out look/feel and signage elements for both of them), he's pretending to be John Travolta in Staying Alive.

We've progressed from him feeling like a fish flopping around out of the water, to distinctive body parts protruding in alien fashion from my belly. The first time it happened, I was on the phone with Jrex. I was absentmindedly massaging my belly when I felt a hard knob. Without thinking about it, I started feeling it to see how big it was, the way I used to massage the cyst in my wrist. When it moved, I screeched a little. Poor Jrex, "What's wrong? What happened? Are you ok?"

I laughed as I explained that the "cyst" moved and freaked me out. Earlier in the pregnancy, I'd worried that this phase would give me the heebie-jeebies, but it's actually turning out to be somewhat amusing. I'll massage my stomach and then notice something hard and feel around to see if I can pinpoint if it's a butt, an elbow, foot or knee. As I push a little, he moves away, and then half the time kicks me. What's really weird are the times when, through my shirt, my entire belly looks like it's in motion. BI-Zarre. Somehow though, it's transitioned me from feeling like the baby deal is theoretical to feeling like there's a person in there and I'm looking forward to meeting him.

I'm SO, SO grateful that thus far, this has been an easy pregnancy. Especially with Jrex gone for six weeks, it would have been hard if I couldn't do what I needed to do with relative ease. I get heartburn, but a TUMS deals with it. I'm totally able to sleep, despite the pee breaks. I am getting weird pregnancy dreams (in one, half my ear cracked off and I wandered through the rest of the dreamscape with it in my hand looking for someone who could fix it, in another I gave birth to a little dog that looked like Muttola), but that's nothing bad.

As much as I tend to be a planner, I have a reluctance to get sucked into the baby whirlwind. I don't really feel like doing an intensive birth plan, I figure I'll go with what seems best at the time and not get too stressed about it. Between my doctor and Jrex, I feel like I'll be in good hands. I'm overwhelmed when I think about going into BabiesRUs and trying to figure out what we need. We have a sling, cosleeper, two car seats and crib, isn't that all we need? (all hand-me-downs) Once Jrex gets here and is past his potato week, we'll dive into all the baby stuff. Any "must haves" that you recommend? I'm hesitant to buy things we don't really need.


Christa said...

Two things I'm using a ton with my one week old little boy are the breast friend pillow fit nursing (super helpful for positioning) and the changing table part of our pack n play. We have a bunch of flannel liners for the changing thing as there have been tons of diaper blowouts (newborn diapers don't fit that well). We trade them out as they get soiled.

Anonymous said...

Well, my savvy about newborns happens to be as old as you are. We too had many hand-me-downs for you, including lots of clothes.

Because you were born in Over-the-Rhine in July, your Mom normally dressed you in a diaper, plus plastic panty. Thus, you were mostly nude and scandalized our good neighbors in Over-the-Rhine, who dressed their newborn girls in dresses, caps, socks and shoes -- in all that sweltering heat! They told your Mother that her behavior was "low" and she should treat you better.

In your first six months (at a time when we were in voluntary poverty and had almost no income), we bought you only one item -- a pacifier. You refused to use it.

One gift your Mother and I really appreciated was a six-month subscription to General Diaper. We didn't have to buy Pampers -- which are a significant expense. Your Mother didn't have to wash diapers-- which is a nasty job. Every week, we received sanitized diapers that were soft and smelled good.
The soiled diapers we rinsed in the toilet and then
put in a special container that controlled the odor.

Check out General Diaper in Dallas. (The firm may have gone out of business because young mothers today refuse to use big safety pins.) But, if General Diaper is still around, and if you like the looks of it,
get me the info, and I'll buy you a six-month subscription.

You're now a Texan. Inevitably you'll become involved in Texan public life. So, I expect you to support Dublin Dr Pepper, hear.

This was an excellent blog, and I was greatly entertained. But, I'm also concerned. You've missed the chance to do natural childbirth. I'd recommend that you have your OB-Gyn show you the exercises so you and Jrex can do them together.

As I recall, it was with Dave's birth, your Mother had to stay in the hospital for three or four days because Dave had blood in his stool (actually, it was cracks in his butt). There was another woman in the room with her who had taken shots for the birth. She was in pain for several days. In contrast, after Dave's birth, your Mother was fine. Dave was born about noon. At 6 p.m. she and I walked down the hall together for a cup of tea.

Conclusion: Natural childbirth works.

A matter of concern. At the end of line two of your blog, you wrote "their" when you meant "they're". I mention this because you are, among other talents, a professional writer. Take care.

Mizasiwa said...

you will be amazed by how little you actually need... seriously. I wish that I had not bought all the stuff we did buy as a lot of it I never used. Luckily a lot of it was hand me downs but still our house was FULL! My son was a difficult one so we had to 'go with the flow' and attune to him. I used something we call a bouncy chair from surprisingly early on as he loved that motion. Also a dummy/pacifier just in case - it can be a life saver and small backup bottle and formula just in case as well. (I planned to breasfeed but angel boy had other plans - my mom went out and bought this for me on angel mans instructions as at that point all I could do was cry ;-) like I said 'just in case'. What else? wipes always come in handy - or a couple of nice wash cloths and a bucket you can fill nearby. and spit up cloths (we used toweling napies for this purpose - and we still have a few of these around just in case for years after they were big)I agree with your dad - if you can get a nappy service instead of throw away nappies thats great (here the cost far outweighs buying disposibles)My mom had a nappy service with me and she said it was AMAZING ;-) i definately dont want to get into a war with your dad who I think is super - but natural child birth is not for everyone and I know you will make whatever choice you need to that is best for you and Jrex - I wish I had followed my moms advice and done a c section with my first it would have made the world of difference to the two of us - but there are a lot of reasons for this and im not going to scare you with them ;-) (sorry for the winky faces but i just love them) cant believe JRex is getting back already!! Have a great weekend.

Aimee said...

I would recommend a good breast milk pump. Don't even consider the cheap versions; they're a waste of money. Invest in or rent a good one. I liked the Medela Pumps.

I agree about natural childbirth. And I adore your Dad's comments.

If there is no cloth diaper service available, try Bum Genius diapers. My best friends LOVES them. Had I known more about them when my girls were born, I would've tried them.

If possible, when Jrex is home, prepare some meals and freeze them so that you can have a homecooked meal that doesn't take a lot of time to prepare.

Anonymous said...

Mizasiwa's comments jogged my mind on another item. OTRsis was our most difficult baby to deal with because she was colicky. Every night for three months she made a racket. Our solution was to put her in the Swingamatic. Those were early days in the Republic, and we had a wind-up model. So, we'd get five minutes of sleep, and then had to wind her up again.

I understand that they have now perfected an electric model which runs through the whole night.

I don't recommend buying it. The odds are good that the boy won't be colicky. But, if he is, you get one night of interrupted sleep and you'll speed to BabiesRUs.

Later, when he's sitting up, you'll want to get one of those bouncy slings you hang in a doorway. He'll keep himself entertained for hours, and your hands will be freed to work elsewhere.

But Mizasiwa is right. Don't get a lot of stuff. Buy only to meet needs.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have a newborn (my child was adopted at 14 mos). However, with that said, one thing I didn't need was a stroller. That was a waste. It was literally used twice -by my inlaws when they went out for a walk and took her with them. We never used it and felt it was actually more trouble than it was worth to haul that thing around (getting in and out of doorways, etc)and to open and collapse it into the car. In the beginning we used a sling, when she grew out of that we held her, and she started to walk. Once she got walking down, she didn't want anything to do with being in a seat. Just my two bits.

Inkling said...

Here are a few of my favorite items:

1. Boppy - it's supposed to be for nursing, but I used it to sit on everywhere for a long, long time. It was especially good at the kitchen table and in the car. (Even if you don't have my birth story, you'll probably still want something super soft to sit on the first little while.)

2. Nursing pjs that were modest with a cardigan type thing to wear in the hospital. (I wasn't into guests, but they were into coming. So it was nice not to be hanging out all over.)

3. An Ergo Carrier. Trust me, you will LOVE it. You can use it early on if you get the infant insert or make your own with a rolled up blanket, but we started using ours at about 4 months. You can wear it on the front, back, or side, and my little guy took naps in it when I'd do grocery store runs. If I had to have one thing, this would be it, even above my other slings and carriers.

4. I found a website where I bought an Ameda breast pump (electric, closed system, with carrier and milk storage system) for under $200. It was the model that was just one step down from the hospital grade Ameda one we had to rent when I was having surgeries. It was awesome to be able to pump extra milk and have my hubby or others be able to feed our little guy at times.

5. I loved our baby pappasan (like a bouncy seat) and the jolly jumper because both enabled me to take good showers and make dinner with some semblance of normalcy and sanity. I'd like to thank the Jolly Jumper for my shaved legs. =)

6. Lansinoh breast cream - I used it when my body was getting used to nursing (it took a long time and a lot of determination, even though I'd been planning to nurse since I was 3 years old and nursing my baby dolls). And when my little guy weaned himself around 18 months and I still had leftover, I discovered it's awesome for minor burns and a great lip balm.

Would you be up for sending me a mailing address where I could send a little something that we love to use here? My friend Ruhiyyih sent us this item for the diaper bag, and I think it has to be my favorite in terms of practicality and beauty.

p.s. your dad's comment (I think it's him anyway) cracks me up.

I thought I needed this fancy diaper bag and a zillion other things, but really, in the end, a cheap but cute bag from Target was fine. And I still use it almost 3 years later. When they get to the talking stage, I highly recommend lots of wine and some ear plugs. Just kidding. I'm just trying to type this while a toddler is repeating one phrase over and over.

Inkling said...

p.s. If you don't already have a stroller picked out, and you still think you'll be running or walking a lot, it might be neat to consider one that is a three-wheeler where the front wheel can be locked in place to use as a jogging stroller or allowed to swivel for easy turning in stores and such. We have a BOB, which we dearly love, but our main criteria was being able to take it through snow, rocks, forest trails, and sand. So it fits the bill completely. But there are others that are just as nice and aren't as pricey. I like the BOB because it also doesn't require a PhD to open and close, and I find it super easy to maneuver through stores and in and out of my car. (But we have an old Jetta, and modern sedans have useless trunks with too tiny openings, just fyi)

And if you suddenly feel like you want a slightly older child to come and entertain your baby, let me know. I might know of one who is available for being lent for short moments in time. Feed him cheese, and he'll happily work for you. ;)

OTRgirl said...

I love my Dad's comments, too!

To reassure you, Dad, we are doing a childbirth class during the month of September that will include natural childbirth techniques. My OB supports natural, but is fine doing meds if I ask, so I'll try for natural and see how it goes.

The offer for a diaper service is awesome! I'll look into it. I wanted to do cloth, but I think it grosses out Jrex. It's one of the discussions we need to have once he gets here next week. The diaper service might help split the difference.

Thanks for the advice! It's helpful to hear that most of you kept things relatively low-key.

Rachel said...

I'm enjoying all your updates.

I found that my baby moved when I was still, and vice versa. I really miss that feeling.

It sounds like you have the essentials. Your needs will vary. I used the stroller daily, but we lived in a city, and we walked to the grocery store, etc. (My daughter also really liked being in the stroller.) So it really depends on your situation. That said, two things I found essential were Lanisoh cream and a boppy.

Anonymous said...

haha i totally understand the "alien" reference. Since i'm ALL belly you can "see" every part of his body and every movement. I freaked a little girl out in a crowded elevator just the other day. She happened to be eye level with my stomach and standing very close to me. The baby did a full barrell roll and she FREAKED out!
As for items i needed/love:

comfortable nursing bras and nursing pads. It took me about 4 different styles to figure out what i liked. I agree with the Lansinoh cream. Use it starting about 2 weeks before he's due and hopefully you won't crack! LOVED my boppy for nursing when they are little too.

my buckle carrier. We have a Beco now. the sling/wrap was too big for me and hurt my back and shoulders

lots of burp clothes/cloth diapers for the spit ups and covering him when changing his diaper. if he's a spitter you are going to go through A LOT each day!

We are going to use cloth diapers this time around during the day (not outings, Justin can't handle that) Fuzzibunz and Bum Genius one size pocket diapers are what we're getting so you only have to buy them once and they last till he's potty trained.

So glad you are going well there and having a good pregnancy. Can't wait to "see" him!!

~ Rebecca

Elise said...

On cloth diapers - it totally grossed out my husband and I had to pressure him into it, but it was totally worth it. I think it was about when he realized that all of our friends using disposables were having blowouts and we never had a single one, that he realized you deal with poop in one way or another. I'd prefer in the diaper to over everything else!

No one really uses pins these days, but my favorite newborn diaper turned out to be the cheapest option - nice prefolds (NOT anything you can buy at BRUS), with snappies and Thirsties covers. Although we also had some fancier kissaluv 0s to help my husband get over the hump. I found it hilarious that now my husband tells people how "anyone can do cloth and fold prefold diapers". One sized diapers generally don't fit until somewhere between 3-6 months.

My baby is 17 months old now and we still use cloth, but in my opinion the best time to use cloth is for pre-solid food diapering. You go through the most, they work better than disposables, they need no maintenance (just get thrown in the washer, no rinsing), and no smell issues. Later on I think cloth is just as good as disposables, but the "advantages" are the things like environment/trash/cute colors etc etc.

Anyways, I've gone way over my 2 cents. But if you decide to go cloth and need more help, you can let me know and I'll do my best.

OTR sister said...

The item I thought I would buy later and I shouldn't have was the breast pump. I figured I wouldn't need it until I went back to work, but turns out that engorgement hurt more than childbirth. After some really painful nights I went to the store in desperation.

And I agree with the other commenters, buy good quality or buy a good used pump and get the personal stuff new.

And Dad's story about getting five minutes of sleep at a time sounds miserable. Sorry Dad!