June 14, 2011

When was that again?

The Event already feels like a long time ago. Our lives are moving at warp speed. Since getting back, we've had a lovely Jrex-cooked gourmet meal, booked all our rooms for our drive to Dallas, done tons of errands, attended a graduation party for Graceful's husband, had my baby shower and had dinner with Lovey and Dovey after. Last night I had dinner with Smart Girl. The packers come a week from today and we pull out of town next Thursday. Phew!

However, I don't want to break my promise for pictures, so here are a few from the event.

This is our booth in the 'neutral' phase. When attendees entered the event, they walked right into the booth and were surrounded by all our screens.

More 'neutral'. These were the d3mo p0ds we suggested. Lots of people from the client company commented on how open and inviting the booth felt.

From facing the back of the booth, the view to the right hand side. Those stanchions were FULL of people once the show opened. The line curved around the sides of the booth.

Every half an hour all the video screens in the booth went black (except the ones for the game dem0 screens). Then bits of sound, or light or media began to creep onto the screens. Brighter, louder, MORE content showed up and ended with a finale featuring one of the six main game titles' trailers. Each time we did a wav3, all the attendees froze and started up. It was what we'd hoped would happen.

Here's the lighting during a wave for one of the sports games.

Below is a picture taken during the 'wave' takeover for the trailer for the new multiple player online game set in the era in the Star W@rs universe when the S1th return and the J3di battle them. The booth packed out every time this showed. Note the posse under the screen.

I am SO glad it's over. Glad it was a success in the end (after much blood, sweat and tears. Well, at least a lot of sweat and sleepy video/tech guys).

Now we're vaulting forward towards the move to Texas.

A friend commented a while ago that we're the most laid-back first time parents she's ever known. We looked at each other and laughed, "We haven't had time to think much about the kid factor! We're just trying to get through the next thing on the to-do list at any given time."

I'm looking forward to the drive for some time to pause and reflect. To think and dream together about what we want our family life to look like, what our expectations are for each other and for ourselves as parents, and to just enjoy each other. We've been drowning in logistics for months now, I think it's time for us to have some fun together.


Aimee said...

Wow. Looks great!

Mizasiwa said...

That looks seriously amazing - iv never been to the equevelant of this type of expo in SA but yours looks like it hit the nail on the head - well done~! I hope this week goes slowly for you so that you dont feel too rushed and that the drive is all you hope it to be. PS its nice to be a laid back first time parent no matter what the cause. It puts a whole new dimension on your lives so Im glad thats how the two of you are.keep well ill be thinking of you ...

OTR sister said...

Everything looks great!

Anonymous said...

First-time parents. Ha!

When you were born, your Mother was 32 and I was 37. Because we were older and wiser, we assumed that we knew pretty much what we were doing.

Wrong! We did some of the same dumb things that teen-age parents do. E.g. we fed you Tang from your bottle as an infant. Being sugar water, it may have corrupted your tastes for years. You're semi-vegan now, but as a child you refused to eat veggies.

Is there a remedy for first-time parental stupidity? Yes, but you have been deprived of her. Nam may help, but you can also adopt a Grandmother surrogate to phone.

But, you'll still make dumb mistakes. Two consolations:

Babies are tougher than they look.
They who endure to the end shall be saved.
True for you.
True for Jrex.
True for baby.

Regarding your trip, I wish you the Russian equivalent of bon voyage --

Peaceful journey.

Anonymous said...

A further thought.

Do you have Dr. Spock's book on child care?
Hopefully, it's out in an updated version.

You'll need it.

It's not, as you might expect, an esoteric or weird tome. Rather, it's a matter-of-fact statement of a pediatrician's accumulated experience and wisdom.

Just because Jrex is an MD, it doesn't mean he knows about babies. When a colicky baby wakes you at 3 a.m. and is having trouble breathing, what do you do? Rush him to Emergency? No, you check Spock.

I had an instructive experience with you as an infant. Your Mother was out. You were sleeping, not in your crib, but on our queen-sized bed. You rolled off and hit the floor. You were screaming; I was flustered and didn't know what to do.

Then, I realized that Joel's mother, Mrs. Hempel, was upstairs. So I ran up there with you. I told her what happened, and she asked the key question: "Did she cry when she hit the floor?" "Yes" I said. "Then she'll probably be OK. See, she's calming already."

Right then, I realized that a pediatrician is a grandmother on retainer.

mariellenromer said...

Now that is one mega booth. Well done!