December 8, 2010

Thanks, Day 2

  • For a job that includes being able to see St3v1e W0nder in concert. I'd expected a VERY boring recap of his greatest hits. Instead he improvised with the audience, with his other singers and, for the last couple of songs, with from The B1ack Ey3d P3as.
  • For listening to the nudge that told me if I wimped out and took the 10:40 train home from SF I'd regret it. I stayed for some amazing DJ artistry by w1ll. Then I took the midnight train to Menl0... (cue music)
  • For a chat with a coworker (a native Californian) who is married to a guy from the Northwest. She just moved to Texas and gave me her thoughts on moving to Texas. (Lots of friendly people, no regrets)
  • That Jrex turned in his list. Phew! I'm so proud of him
  • For today, where instead of sitting at a desk and working, I get to go to IK3A to buy frames for a poster I designed. Then I get to drive them up to SF where I will load the posters into the frames in preparation for them being given to our clients as gifts tomorrow.
  • For a walkthrough of the conference with another client which will end with a keyn0te by B1ll Cl1nt0n.
Talk about a non-work work day! I'll TAKE it!

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Anonymous said...

A daily thank you list is wise self-discipline.

Thanks for sharing it.