December 14, 2010

Gratitude Project #3

I am very thankful today:
  • for being home safely
  • that I took today as a comp day. It was especially good to know that last nightwhile announcements that our plane was delayed kept coming at the airport. Only left 3 hours late (due to fog in SF).
  • for the interesting woman who struck up a conversation with me in the airport. She was an African-American woman who looked at most 42 and proudly announced she was 51. She kept trying to ask me questions about our diet, if we get massages, what we do to stay healthy (since my obviously Asian husband was next to me, my impression was that she was asking about Asian secrets to health and long life. I've had Caucasian friends ask me if my MIL has taken me for special Korean facials. Anyone else know any Asian longevity secrets? I sure don't!) She certainly helped pass the time.
  • that Dallas is a really intriguing city (since Jrex glows every time he talks about the research there...)
  • for a future that is unknown, seems like it will contain some unexpected twists, but which will still be interesting.
  • that I get to go toward that future with a man I enjoy and respect.
  • that a bunch of women whom I really enjoy are coming over tonight for tea and biscuits.

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