January 27, 2010

A moment of silence, please

Well, it's official. The company/client for whom I did multiple conference designs over the last couple years is no more. Click here for the article. There's a meeting on Friday to decide if they are going to do the Big Conference this June or not. Even if The Evil Empire decides to host the conference, I doubt they'd continue with us as the organizer/designers.

On the bright side, all my hard work seems to have paid off. We have a face-to-face meeting on Monday with a Game Publisher. We sent them a document in response to a 'Request for Information' last week. They called us back for the stand up. Yesterday we had a conference call find out what they'd like us to cover in the stand up. They kept making comments like, "When you meet with the other vendors..." Our client lead finally asked (in a very diplomatic way) who else was invited to the stand up. Answer: no one! They have them on the back burner, but at this point, it's ours to lose.

I'm excited to design graphics for a Gaming Show. Plus, I'd get to do all kinds of cool collateral development. AND (maybe) go to the show itself. Three days in L.A. getting my ears blasted deaf by all the latest in games. It sounds SO different than all these developer conferences.

Again, it's not over til the papers are signed, but it's exciting to think about. Of course, it also means a Monday 9 AM pitch to the client. Which means a 2-5 PM rehearsal on Sunday and a 7 AM-8:15 AM rehearsal on Monday. That part totally stinks, but the rest is fun.

Sunday night we had dinner with Lovey and Dovey. We asked them to pray for us, since we (especially I) seem to be getting beat up! It was so good to share life with them and have them pray for us. Mutual, life-giving friendships are one of life's most amazing treasures.

It helped me to refocus a little and remember that work isn't the point. I keep forgetting that! I definitely hope that wherever, whenever Jrex and I move to whatever job he gets, I can get a job that's 'just a job'. I've tried the career thing and it's overrated! I'd be happy to putter around doing freelance for wonderful clients and have a network of web designers, programmers and an accountant doing part-time work for me. That being said, it will be hard to leave the good friendships we've developed here.

I LOVE having the house back to just 'us'. I know that Jrex really enjoyed having his Mom here. It makes me glad for both of them, but I really missed him. If we ever do the long-term MIL visit again, I think we need to figure out how to make time for us in the middle of the Korean/MIL dynamic. Of course, that also applies if we ever have kids. Talk about a full-time intruder hell-bent on interrupting 'us' time. ;-)

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Mama Nabi said...

Ah. The Evil Empire has been making the rounds at universities... xxxsoft that most universities now use is so NOT user-friendly... but admin-friendly.

You know... there is this spanking new college of medicine where I work... :-D