February 10, 2009

Totally Random

Jrex and the mutt picked me up from work this evening. We let the mutt run (and run. and run.) all around the building. She would NOT poop. Then we went to pick up some mediterranean food for dinner (YUM). While waiting for the food, I took her for another walk. We found some ivy and she dove right in and did her business.

She's definitely been spoiled living in this chi-chi neighborhood.
I STILL don't have a surgery appointment. I'm losing my window. If it doesn't happen the last week of February/first week of March, I'll need to postpone it until June. I've got a window in these shows that I'm designing for where nothing too horrible should happen if I'm out of commission for a couple weeks. I have to call them back tomorrow and let them know I need to know!
Jrex and I are just now recovering from a virus that's lasted for two weeks. Ugh. All I can say is that Breathe Right strips are miraculous!
My Dad sent me an email tonight titled 'disaster report'. Was it ever! His water was out for two weeks (broken water main and tree roots in some pipes). He had to drag water from all over town for clean water. For flushing toilets? They shoveled snow into garbage cans and brought it to the basement to thaw, then dragged 5-gallon buckets upstairs.

The whole time that's happening? He's fostering two boys on the weekends: a 12-year old and his 5-year old brother (nicknamed 'Hurricane'). Fortunately, they're great at shoveling snow.

He blew out his tire while transporting our 'sister'. She's a 40ish-year old woman that none of us kids have met. Dad's known her for a few years now. She's an ex-crack addict and ex-prostitute. He worked with her and her church both to free her from demonic stuff as well as get her clean from the drugs. She's been clean for three years and has been visiting Cincy for the past month.

He's also experienced the death of a housemate in the last week.

I don't know how he's still standing. His email tonight reminded me of all the reasons I'm proud to have him for a father.


Snickollet said...

Wow, your dad has been through a lot these past few weeks! He sounds like an amazing man from this and the other stories you've told about him. I hope his load is lighter soon.

Also hope that you get that surgery scheduled! I'm sure you don't want that weighing on you until June.

Rachel said...

Hope you are able to get in for surgery soon.

Sorry to hear about your dad's troubles. That's a lot for one person to handle.

Mama Nabi said...

I think I'm going to add your dad to my list of people I admire and would like to meet. I hope his water pipes are fixed soon!

YES - GET THAT SURGERY SCHEDULED! It'll be off your mind - sooner the better. :-) (That sounded very motherly... I apologize.)

mary said...

You have one amazing father.