February 13, 2009

It really IS this boring

I apologize for the state of my blogging life lately. My whole world has shrunk to work, time with Jrex and the mutt, and trying to figure out this surgery deal.

They called yesterday to tell me I was scheduled for next Wednesday! There was/is no way all the balls being juggled in the air could land without disaster by then. I told them I need two weeks notice. It sounds like it will be either Wednesday the 25th or March 4th in that case.

What's in the air? We have to tell my clients, but before that we need a rock solid replacement in hand. Unfortunately, due to the economy, my company is just not allowing us to hire a local freelancer. The Boston designer goes home by 4:30 every day. I totally honor the working Mom thing, but not having a designer from 1:30 in the afternoon is NOT going to work. My CD is trying to find someone who can float to West Coast time. Basically, before hiring locally, we have to fail the Company system. And we haven't, yet. So, no time to truly train a replacement. I warned Cool Guy, the other 2D designer left in our department, that he's the warm body on the ground and will get slammed. Yesterday, I did three rounds of corrections that were handwritten on a print-out. How does that work long-distance? Today I'm passing around a full-size mock-up for look/feel review. That's a lot of FedEx dollars! I hate when I know exactly what I need, but am told to make it happen with my hands tied behind my back.

I'm good at seeing patterns and recognizing what can make things flow better. Either in terms of the physical layout of the space, or in terms of people dynamics. I was right about the traffic manager, I also know what we need in terms of a designer. Sigh.

Whatever. Like I said, all fairly boring to read. Dramatic to live. This is where I love reading Dooce or Amalah or Metro Dad, they can write about the mundane and make it hilarious. No such fare over here in the land of toiling Sojourners.


Snickollet said...

You're not boring, you're just busy, and I can feel your frustration with your work.

I am thinking good things for your surgery and for finding someone who can keep things moving in your absence at work.

Anonymous said...

You're in our prayers, and I'm praying that the LORD
pulls of intra-corporate solutions that you can't even imagine.

Mama Nabi said...

That does sound like a logistic nightmare!!

Hope all goes well with the surgery planning... they'll just have to fend for themselves while you're gone.