November 4, 2008


Jrex and I just came back from voting. The lines were longer than we've ever seen them, but it only took about 30 minutes, so not bad at all.

I'll be glad when tomorrow comes just to stop the wild emails, Facebook causes, and links to crazy YouTube videos.

On the radical left: Bush will declare martial law if it looks like Obama might win. Carry your passport with you all day and make sure your gas tank is full and you have enough cash to get out of the country. He's brought in a battalion of Army soldiers and has them at his beck and call in violation of the Constitution. In the bailout fine-print, he has 1 billion dollars in discretionary spending. All beginnings of a fascist state. This is what Mussolini did in the 1930's.

On the radical right: Obama will bring in all his Muslim cohorts if he's elected. Sarah Palin is Esther and is chosen for this time. A vote for McCain/Palin is a pro-life vote. Obama is calling for a Civilian Defense force. This is the first step towards a Nazi regime. Hitler said he was a Christian and look where that got the Germans!

My own personal conspiracy theory? If McCain/Palin get elected, someone from a fringe element will try to kill McCain so that "God's chosen" can be in power.

I've never experienced this much emotional hysteria and conspiracy theory around an election!


Mama Nabi said...

Haha... my conspiracy theory is similar that the terrorists will target McCain, knowing once Palin is in the oval office, she will do their job for them: bring the country down.

I think the last 8 years have made a huge impact on the emotional level and urgency in this election. Some are desperate to keep moving backwards and some want things to come to screeching halt and turn around. I am JRex has heard this as well but at my work, many researchers are invested in this in many ways - we saw so many good researches go down the drain from all the funding cuts.

But yes - it'd be nice for this to be over. (OR whether I should be packing my bags and joining Tina Fey in her spaceship.)

swallow said...

voting was so fast i said yes to the exit poll. it made me feel so woefully uninformed, but your summary of the schlock from left and right reminded me why. i, too, am glad this is almost over. your conspiracy theory is very astute. let's hope it never has a chance to come true!!!

Aimee said...

On the other side of the conspiracy stuff (God forbid... I'm not supporting this or anything), but what happens if something happens to Obama?

I mean, I know you're all for Obama, but are you that crazy about Biden, too?

Anonymous said...

See, you live in California, you run into the crazies. I haven't heard anything like these conspiracy theories here in tranquil Ohio.

On the other hand, I haven't talked much politics with my Evangelical Christian friends lately --

otr mama said...

Wish I could think of something clever to say in response to "anonymous"! Maybe I better move back to Ohio so he can have access to the rampant radical left. Someone in OTR sent me an e-mail on 11/4 before the results came in which read: "I hope there aren't riots tonight." I hadn't thought of that. But I am SO glad about the election results. As bg would say, "Ride this high for as long as you can, 'cuz you know it won't last long."