November 21, 2008

DBM* #527

On a road trip, stopping at a gas station, getting sleepy. I go in and stare at the refrigerated drink section. Every kind of water imaginable with energy, flavors or nothing OR high calorie caffeinated soda or chemical flavored no-calorie soda.

I turn to Jrex, "Wouldn't it be great if they just made a caffeinated water with nothing else in it?"

He shakes his head, "They have it. It's called 'tea'."

*Ditzy Blond Moment


jooliyah said...


Asianmommy said...

Hee--never thought of it that way. :)

Aimee said...

Teehee... I would've never thought of that. I guess that's why HE is the scientist, right? :-)

scarp said...

Classic :) I can even picture the look on his face as he said it.

Anonymous said...

"Blond" is our only remainder of the declined adjectives and nouns, with gender, which English
formerly used. "Blonde" is the feminine form, which, of course, you intended to use.

Lil Sis said...

don't care which form you intended to use, that was funny...I was laughing out loud here...'we have it, it's called tea'...i can see me being a part of that conversation, your side of it of course and having to think on the answer for a second in that moment and then being like "AHA! I GET IT!"
so I guess that makes me blond or blonde or blondlike?

OTRgirl said...

Dad, "Anonymous", you're getting to be a little too much like your father!

(All below comments said in a bantering tone)

Remember the time I wrote to Grandpa (as an 8 year old)? Nice, happy letter full of details about my 'sumer' and what I was up to. Did I get a letter back that mentioned how nice it was to hear from me? How much I was able to articulate? No. I got a letter that was an essay on the ancient culture of Sumer.

Haven't you heard of women's lib? If I want to be Blond, I can be. I get to be an actor. A poet. They aren't adding the feminine to those words anymore so why bother with blonde?

Let's have some caffienated water and continue the discussion.