September 19, 2008

Busy, busy

I just wrote an email to a friend saying that weekends have been recovery times lately. I've craved alone time. Work hasn't been stressful, but it's been unexpectedly busy the last two weeks.

On Monday we were all here until 10ish. Not due to Captain Chaos, just prepping for a surprise client visit--potential $20 million dollar account='all hands on deck'. During that frenzy, at one point Dancer and I were chatting with the Devil. He'd come in while Dancer was FREAKING out about a Captain Chaos bomb. He listened to her rant and then said, "I get the impression you all aren't that excited about the direct management you are under..." She laughed, "I'm SO not going to answer that!" He went on, "I'm working on it. It got hung up on a couple other items, but I'm working on it."

Most evenings, I end up going home and reading or watching movies. I'm still running in the mornings, still climbing with Graceful on Sunday afternoons, but I rarely call anyone during the week. However, this weekend looks to be fairly busy.

Tonight we're meeting our buddies, J and O for dinner. J finally finished Law School and so we can now 'play' with them more often.

Tomorrow morning Lovey is coming to my place so we can catch up. We have really intense activities planned. 1. Take the dog to the vet. 2. Go out for brunch...

In the afternoon, I'm hoping to take the train up to the city to check out the Frida Khalo exhibit at the SF MOMA. I've seen so much of her work in reproduction, but rarely in person. That might be my main alone time. I'm looking forward to reading or journaling on the train. Then having time to really look at the art, perhaps do some sketching, then bike/train back home.

Once I get home, I'll check in with Jrex (he's trying to finish his paper this weekend!). Then, either together or alone, go meet some other friends for a dinner party at their house.

Sunday is climbing afternoon. Last week I stayed for an hour and a half long Yoga class. The teacher minimized the religious aspect ("Imagine your third eye open to the heavens...") and it was very athletic. My stomach was sore for the next three days. I might stay for that, but we have supper club that night, so the schedule would be tight.

Supper Club is an Italian theme, so I'm hoping my cheese kit arrives today, but I bet it won't. Sigh. How COOL would it be to show up with homemade fresh mozzerrella?!

I do like our life here these days, but all this busy, busy stuff is impacting my east coast relationships. I hardly ever call my MIL anymore, barely call my Dad and am having trouble staying up to date on other relationships. I guess one can only do so much.

Anyone else have fun plans for the weekend?


Anonymous said...

Did your firm land the big contract?

OTRgirl said...

We don't know yet. We won't hear for a while, I'm thinking.

Beloved said...

It's Sunday morning. Yesterday we went grocery shopping, hiked a small hill, and watched a movie. Today we're going to church and church potluck.

Stimulating, aye? Well, the potluck will be anyway. I'm making dakdoritang.

Anonymous said...

awwwww.... enjoy Frida! I'm jealous! Pretend you are going with me and tell me all about it later! I-- east coaster-- spent the weekend in corning with the in-law grandma 80 year B day party and then spent 5 hours doing school work. ugh!

swallow said...

that sounds soo nice... i spent most of yesterday polishing off one of the harry potters (i know, i'm about 10 years behind, but finding myself in the market for a little escapist reading lately!) ...then worked today. so definitely appreciate the vicarious adventures :)

Rachel said...

You are a social butterfly!

I would love to see the Frida show.

We spent the weekend at the park and the Museum of Latin American Art.