May 22, 2008

Just for laughs

I have more to write about the Boston trip (dinner with an old boyfriend, lunch with Snickollet, dinner with another very dear college friend, observations about how anti-social I've become in crowds of strangers. I'm at my quota of long-distance friendships and don't seem to want to risk bonding with anyone anymore. I know how to chat people up and be friendly, I just choose not to most of the time. Very disorienting in the middle of hanging out with so many friends from the era when I was uber-friendly). 

In the meantime, my church did a series of hilarious videos to try to recruit people to help with the set-up and tear-down teams on Sunday mornings. The Godfather, Empire Strikes Back and The Presidents Men, all reconfigured. 

Here's the Empire Strikes Back:


Snickollet said...

'Twas great to see you in Beantown. Thanks for making the effort to join me for lunch!

Aimee said...

Lucky you, getting to meet people you've met online IRL.

I hope you had a good time at the conference.

Anonymous said...

lol. that was hilarious! thanks for sharing!

Mama Nabi said...

dude... I hope I got in before you reached your quota... because if you ever show up in my neck of woods, I better get a lunch date like Snick did.