May 9, 2008

The fat lady sang

The show is over. Phew. In the end, everything looked fine on site. All the elements that bugged me on paper looked ok in real life. I might post pics on flickr in a few days and link there if you want to see. The client loved it all, so it worked out. The part that was truly our design looked SO good that it bummed me out not to have been able to truly design the whole show. Ah well. Hopefully next year.

The only weird thing that happened--on Monday and Tuesday, most of our team got what seemed to be a horrible case of food poisoning. I'd eaten what they had, but wasn't sick. Yesterday they said the CDC came in to check it out and thought it was an intense 24-hour virus spread by touch. They have to announce it to the attendees in case they get sick, but thus far it seemed to only be attacking staff.

I was on-site Saturday afternoon, all day Sunday and Monday day. I went back up Tuesday morning for the opening General Session. I'd expected some form of vision for the coming year or at least the announcement of the mystery website that had dictated this new look and feel direction. Instead it was a 'don't be shy, go talk to people'/tech love fest. I also heard that Neil Young would be there, so that seemed worth a train trip. He was there, but not to sing. Instead he announced his new website. Rah. rah.

It's 9:15 AM and I'm still at home. In bed. In my pajamas. Trying to figure out if it's ok to call my supervisor and just stay home today. I know it would be fine to do, I just feel weird taking a comp day knowing I'll take another next Friday (to go to Boston for the design show next weekend). Yet, I don't have it in me to even pretend to work.

I suspect this is what an actor feels like after a movie, or a stage hand after the play is over. You bond with a team, go through hell and high water to make it happen, and then are left wondering, "Is that it? Now what?"

I think I'll call my supervisor...


Snickollet said...

I hope you took the day and did nothing but reeeee-lax.

Rachel said...

I think a day off sounds perfect. You earned it!

Glad everything came off okay, and that it's all over, at long last. Whatever doesn't kill you and all that.

otr mama said...

I think this show made me nervous! I'm glad it's over! Congratulations on sticking it out.

swallowflight said...

i personally am pretty sure that 'sick' days encompass preventive & recuperative mental health days. :)

Mama Nabi said...

Hey, while my 'fat lady' sang (so to speak), your did this! I was waitng for this post and I missed it by a whole week??? :-)

Congrats to both of us... YAY!