September 28, 2007

Random Friday

Last week and this week are huge crunch times at work. We have two shows to design that are going up the same day.

All that is to explain my radio silence and to tell you why I don't have time to tell you more about:

-going to Bay Meadows horse track for my company picnic. I wanted to start my gambling addiction, but neither of us brought cash. Best part? The race where Horse #7 scraped off the jockey at the starting gate and trotted around after the other horses.

-Bringing Muttola into work after dinner Wednesday night. We hung out til 11 pm and had a couple chase games around all the desks and cubicles. Stressed-out Eeyore was still here and seemed amused by our capers.

-Figuring out whether it's worth it to have a Mary Kay rep who is a friend, but who is also long-distance and bi-polar. Sometimes she's great and other times, not so responsive... Which leads to thoughts about how we're all just wired differently and why as a society we think it so necessary to medicate everyone to sameness.

-Seeing "Becoming Jane". I enjoyed it, but I like Jane Austen and I love the actor. He was also Tumnus and in The Last King of Scotland. Brilliant. Not a handsome guy, but becomes compelling in every movie he's in.

-Flipping around last night to catch premiers of Ugly Betty, My Name is Earl and Grey's Anatomy. Why oh why does GA have to jump off the ridiculous soap opera angle when all they need to do is let the characters live and interact?! They have an amazing cast and compelling characters, but they keep forcing them to do bizarre and stupid things. Ugh. Despite the annoyance, I keep thinking about the characters. I miss Burke. Sigh.

-The follow-up post would be how we took the summer off from TV and how wonderful it was. We're trying to just pick two shows to follow for the fall. Heroes is a given. We both missed the premier of Bionic Woman, but that could be fun. I'll have to give it and GA a couple weeks to figure out who 'wins'.

-Yesterday while discussing what capital investments the design department needs for the fall, the best recommendation was a foosball table. We're billing it as a carpal tunnel prevention device. Think it will work?


Rachel said...

How fun that you got to bring your dog to work. That's so San Francisco!

I no longer have time to watch TV, but I really wanted to see the GA premier. But after reading your post, I don't feel so bad that I didn't see it.

Beloved said...

I wish I could limit myself to two TV shows. Ugly Betty is definitely still on my list from last year along with Desperate Housewives & Brothers & Sisters, but I'm not sure about the new shows. I think I'm into Chuck after watching the premier, but we'll see.

Wistful one said...

I watched the GA premier too...Oh, the melodrama. I'm grateful when they become too stupid to watch, though -- makes it easier to demonstrate self-control.

I miss you!

scarp said...

I've been wanting to see "Becoming Jane". The book was one of the ones I really enjoyed in HS.

My family used to always turn the TV off for the month of August. I always liked that. The tradition has died, unfortunately. I missed it this year.