September 13, 2007

In response to the commenter who questioned my geek status

I saw this over on Sandra's website: says I'm a History / Lit Geek.  What are you?  Click here!

I would also have to offer into evidence what I look like leaving for work in the morning:

-Dorky helmet that flattens my hair and causes it to flip out in very weird ways by the time I get to work? Check.
-bike clip lovinging tucked around my right pant leg? Check.
-padded bike shorts? Check.
-matching bike gloves (hey, they were on sale at REI, the matching color is coincidental. Really. No, I mean it.)
-Water bottle filled with Gatorade mixed from powder? How could I ride in this desert without it?

I don't qualify for nerd status. I would define a nerd as someone lacking social skills who hides behind technology. Geeks, however, are proud to be passionate about things that the 'norm' aren't into. Things like growing up without a television. Reading in bed with one's spouse. Exploring exotic food preparation. The socio-economic study of dog-park attendees. Reading while walking the dog.

I'm happy to be a history/lit geek. That sounds about right. Unless you ask my Dad, my husband or my brother-in-law. They are the REAL history geeks. I just trail along and peer at their discarded books on occasion. In fact, half the questions I was able to answer in the affirmative were because of Jrex, my Greek major husband, indoctrinating me.


scarp said...

Ha! That's funny. Well, I did say that if you were, I am too - check out my results (posted on my blog). I had fun comparing our scores and thinking about how they reflect us. I don't have any one score as high as your highest, but there's a couple places where I'm definitely worse off than you :)

Sandra said...

I'm really surprised that I scored high in science/math, because I suck at math.

OTRgirl said...

Ha! Jrex told me he took it. He's fully qualified as a two-thumbs up nerd! ;-)

He's done a lot of coding in his day. Though his score for dork/awkward was much lower than mine. What's THAT about? OK, OK, don't answer that one. I guess that's like painting a huge target on my back, right?

Mama Nabi said...

I took it but I don't think it's accurate since the activities I used to enjoy I now can't do due to time constraints... Read a book? Hah. Like 2 years ago...

Hm... that's a pretty high score on the histor/lit... really high.

Beloved said...

I took the nerd test and got a 'cool non-nerd' rating.

I like your description of geeks, though. Does reading in Home Depot qualify me?