October 15, 2013

Reasons, shcmeasons

Why so little blogging?

As I've driven around town for various networking events or for the (rare) job interview, I've considered the issue. Most of my blog posts percolated during my daily commute. Since moving here, the only driving I do is to drive Brex to school or pick him up. That means half of the drive is filled with, "Ex-ca-va-tor! Mom!! Ex-ca-va-tor!"

"Yes, Brex, you see an excavator. Isn't that exciting?"

"I see it. Ex-ca-va-tor."

"Mom! No train on bridge. So sad. Un-da-neat!"

"That's right, buddy, we're going underneath the train track. No train, so sad!"

Let's just say, while fun, those drives aren't conducive to meandering thought.

The other factor, as I told a friend from the Bay Area recently is that each day is so filled with the little busyness of life that I just don't have much of an interior life. Sure, there are emotional issues I don't have time to delve. However, I'm not going out of my way to avoid them. Rather, I just don't have time to cry or journal or make art in order to process the emotion. There's nothing so overwhelming that it NEEDS attention, just some of my/our ongoing themes.

In terms of the one area that I'm working hard to change, lots of motion without much forward movement.

I've only had one job interview so far and I blew it. I was so intent on going through the portfolio I'd labored to set up that I didn't realize her main issue was understanding why I might be interested in working at her firm. Apparently my online portfolio is impressive and the fact that I'm coming from CA means most people are assuming I need an astronomical wage. I'm used to having to prove myself in a job interview, apparently now I need to convince a boutique agency that yes, I'd actually love to step away from the big career track and get back into a normal life.

In the midst of all that, I got a call yesterday from a recruiter. She works for a big market1ng agency downtown. On Thursday, I'd done an online application for an Art D1rector role and expected nothing from it.

I have an interview there in a week.

This job would not be a step away from a career, rather it would be a big step into a more responsible, creative, big picture role. I'd be the conceptual art d1rector running the team and the entire portfolio for Big Name Chip Company. This could involve helping do concepts for Super Bow1 Ads among other things. It's intimidating! From their website, and from a fun team video they'd just done, it looks like a team filled with skinny Dallas Millennial women and bearded, hipster Millennial men. That's also an interesting factor. Sure, I'd like to move into management, but it's a big leap to run a team of 25 people!

I think I need a new outfit...and an iPad. The last interview, I borrowed my MIL's iPad since she was visiting, but it would be nice to have one all set up in case there are multiple rounds at this same place.

Last night Jrex and I were both awake in the middle of the night. Me anxiously reviewing what I need to do for the interview, him thinking through what he needs to do to prepare for a Big Government Grant application. We prayed together for a while.

It's a good reminder that there is a place for me here in town and the right thing will open up at the right time.


I'm sorry for the long silence! I can't promise to be better, but at least I have a couple thoughts percolating in my head. Here's hoping I make time to write them down soon!


Jack Towe said...

Wow. Brex just turned two, and he says "excavator". That's a word I learned at eleven.

Wow. You're getting interview opportunities. That's great.

I used to look on job interviews as one of the great perks of working in corporate America. I had fun.

You're in my prayers.



Here's a late thought. Karis' firm needs a creative director. Why don't you apply, and all y'all can move to Seattle.

Wanna blog tody (Wednesday)?

Mizasiwa said...

Holding thumbs somthing magical happens!! I agree 'excavator' is a huge word never mind him being sad... Wow!!

otr mama said...

Hi! Welcome back! Remember way back when you were considering Dallas, I think you mentioned in a blog something you'd like to do at the university level if your design job didn't move with you. I can't remember the details. Just thought you might revisit that idea. Wish JRex didn't have to grant write. He'd have cured cancer by now if he was just free to do it.

Lil'Sis said...

Glad things are well, busy but good I always say...good luck in the interview:)

scarp said...

Thank you for just explaining what I had yet to put into words.. Why I haven't blogged anymore. I like the idea in theory still, but don't have the percolating time anymore and am definitely caught up in the daily business. But it is nice to hear from you. In a totally unfair reverse type thinking, I would really miss hearing about you guys!