September 13, 2012

Dallas Moments

During the pre-op phone call from the surgeon's office:

"Please don't use lotion on your extremities, or deodorant. We'd prefer you not wear makeup, but if you have to, well... we'll deal with it."



I have to budget 30% extra time with any contractor or service person for AFTER I've written the check. Apparently that's when it's time for the story swap.


Neighbor with a thick Texas drawl, "We met some folk from Boston, but they didn't talk like they were from there! I was so bummed cause I wanted to hear that accent."


On the radio, "It's time to start saving for college for all those little Texans..." Apparently Brex's first identity is supposed to be as a Texan, second is as an American, and MAYBE down the list as a world citizen. 

Feels like whenever I start to feel at home here, there'll be a little moment when I realize it's still a foreign country!


Elizabeth Harper said...

I meant to comment on your last post to send you good wishes for an easy recovery, but I've been trying to build a new website and have been lost in it for the last week and I just to use a southern expression, flat out forgot to come back to comment.

I love your observations about Texas life, having lived in San Antonio, I know exactly what you mean. This post made me laugh and I wanted to say how much I enjoy reading about parts of your life you share here.

You have such a nice mix of heart and humor and I often wish we could talk face to face over coffee or tea.

Good luck with your surgery!

Jack Towe said...

It's been a month since I've read Sojournering. So, this afternoon, I'm reveling in your blogs.

I'm also praying for your operation -- that it may be successful and lasting, that you enjoy your convalescence, and that you swiftly recover.

I eagerly await your report on the operation.

Is your MIL planing big doings for the 29th? With you confined to be, I suppose that what she can do is seriously limited. Or, do I underestimate her creativity?

Alice said...

Good luck with your surgery and recovery :)