March 13, 2011

Because there IS life outside of this project

I brought in an amazing writer to work on this project and he has TOTALLY delivered. Reshaped everything, made it coherent, and better yet, everyone agrees with the radical surgeries he did to our content! I slept like a baby last night.

Anyway, I'm shoving a bunch of stuff in the direction of my Australian team in the next hour, and then Jrex and I are heading out to Supper Club. What used to be a once a month deal has been shredded by the arrival of children. Now when we meet, it's at 4 in the afternoon and it's a much more thrown together sort of thing. Fine with me. Tonight, in honor of Jrex getting a job, we're doing a BBQ theme. Pulled Chicken BBQ, red cabbage coleslaw (with jicama as the surprise ingredient), Champagne, Beer and Pie for dessert (Don't know what kind yet since we have to buy it on the way there. We're hoping for a sweet potato pie, but doubting that Whole Foods will carry one.)

It'll be fun to hang out with people that have nothing to do with work.

I'm so sorry for how dry and unimaginative my blog has become. I'm not even taking pictures anymore. I love seeing pics and miss posting them here. I hope I can get better about that. Anyway, thanks for hanging in through all the blahness of my current phase of life.


Anonymous said...

Coherence at work; incoherence regarding your personal life. Help us out.

What is Supper Club?
The arrival of what children?
How do you get Jrex out of the lab at 4 p.m.?
That's mid-day for him.

You have no reason to apologize for your blog. It's a great office sitcom. We're all waiting to hear about the Thursday disaster when MM gets whacked at the presentation.

OTRgirl said...

Supper Club was on a Sunday. I was working all weekend.

One of my friends started Supper Club three years ago. We used to meet once a month. (You met them all for Christmas dinner two years ago, Dad.) Two of the three couples have had kids during that time and our 'monthly' dinners have become every 2-3 months.