February 11, 2010

Be careful what you toast for!

In my previous post I mentioned that we toasted, "To quitting our current jobs!" Don't worry, I haven't been laid off. Rather, a former coworker called today to ask if I'd be up for interviewing for a job up in SF. I'm definitely interested. For one thing, their pay scale starts at the salary I had before our economically driven pay cut. It goes up quite a bit, and based on my experience (and the fact that I have a perfectly good job to fall back on), I'd have no problem asking for the high end.

  • They let people work from home. Most people are in the office Tuesday through Thursday and home on Monday and Friday.
  • Less intense work environment, except for one woman.
  • I like being around the energy of a city. I miss that more than I thought I would.
  • I could take the train and bike ten relatively bike-friendly blocks to get there. (past Adobe)
  • That one woman would have a big impact on my life. She's a ball-buster mixed with "Devil wears Prada" non-directions. She used to work for my current company, so I know a little what I'm in for if I get an offer.
  • It's an hour commute each way. Which means we'd need a dog walker at least a few times a week.
  • I'm out of town most of next week (two buddies are joining me and we're heading north to a cabin in the redwoods). Sooo...I have to get my website updated in the next two days! Yikes. My skills are rustier than a pair of scissors left in the backyard all winter.
I was honest with my friend that we're trying to get pregnant. Wondered if she thought it would be lame to apply and then announce, "Woops!" She scorned my scruples, "So what?! You should still apply. Don't worry about it."

Even if nothing comes of it, it's a good reason to blast out a website in a few days. Right?


mplscuz said...

Totally agree - it's like inviting dinner guests so you have a reason to clean the house...but maybe I just have bad housekeeping skills :)

Anonymous said...

If you're worried about leaving the new company high and dry, I'd think that a bigger concern would be -- what if all goes well and Jrex gets an excellent job offer from back East?

But if so, I would think that it would help that you have developed new skills, that you have another job on your resume, and that you have higher pay.

Would you have guilt feelings about leaving your current employer?

Two hours of commute each day. A great opportunity to fulfill a cherished dream -- like reading all of Shakespeare.

And I would think that working in San Francisco would itself be part of a cherished dream. All that vitality!

Anonymous said...

So, I can't stand the suspense. Did you interview for the job?