October 23, 2007

What have I gotten myself into!?

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting with two of the creative heads of Ad0be to plan their 25th anniversary party.

I know nothing about parties!!

Don't panic, it's not just me, the meeting also includes our creative director (aka Captain Chaos) and another experience designer (aka Writer Man). I'm supposed to just be a fly on the wall, giving them a subliminal message that we have a full stable of designers at their beck and call not just five of us...

The outfit? Black brocade skinny pants, a black knee-length Matrix-style jacket, cool shirt and boots with killer heels. "Hello, dahlink. I am zee mahster design guru, how can I help you zhow your genius to ze masses?"


Rachel said...

The clothes sound perfect. Wow, that's a big job!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the outfit, can't wait to hear how it goes, have a great time with it!

Snickollet said...

Wow, can we see a picture of the outfit? Good luck!

k. said...

I want those boots.

Mama Nabi said...

Adobe... as in PDF files, as in I *heart* adobe?
WOW. And a great sassy, very very "I am ze designah, you shut up and listen to ze izeas coming out of MY mouth" intimidating outfit. LOVE it.

OTRgirl said...

The outfit was good. The meeting was ok. I came up with a couple good ideas. Basically though, their creative director is a 33 year old who thinks the sun rises and falls in his own eyes. So, mostly I was there to dig out what he really wants, cause that's what we'll be doing...

They have a great old warehouse they've refurbished. Very cool reuse of space. Essentially, Adbe bought Macrmedia and now has two campuses. San Jose has Adbe, and is older and fussier, San Fran has the former Macrmedia crew and is hip and young.

Much less impressive than it sounds, but a fun field trip.

Aimee said...

Haha... ok, so I'm goofy from exhaustion and having returned home from another ER trip with Abbie (for NG tube placement... long story).

Anyway, your accent reminded me of the costume maker/designer in The Incredibles. Thanks for the late night chuckle!

I love Adobe and am totally jealous, btw.

B.E.C.K. said...

You get to plan the whole party? Wow! I occasionally do some work for an event-planning company, and I've seen how big those things can be. You must have an awesome job! (Love the clothing description, BTW. Perfect!) :-)

Anonymous said...

Good job.

But, you know a lot about parties. Your Mother was a master party- giver who wanted to make sure --

Everyone was included.
Everyone could have fun making the
party happen.
Everyone could celebrate together.

And, now I think of it, you engineered the best birthday party I ever attended. And you did it when you were seven.

You said, "I want my birthday party at the Filson Outlook Swimming Pool." Remember? It was a block
away, through the woods. And it was a great party.

Both kids and parents came from church. We didn't care how much noise or how much mess you all made. You kids went swimming --
with the public lifeguards to
watch you. Some of the parents
sat by the pool. Some swam.
Some played softball.

When a kid was filthy from dirt or hot dogs or cake and ice cream, we didn't care. We just sent you into the showers and back to the pool.

When it was over, we just picked up the party residue and threw it in the trash cans.

Everyone went home well fed and relaxed. No one was stressed or worn out. Everyone had a great time.

See. You already have your own excellent model of how a party should be done. Just make it happen again and again.