January 8, 2007


Good news: The reimbursement check for moving expenses is bigger than either of us expected.

Bad news:
It's barely enough to cover the cost of fixing our Subaru. Which has languished for the past week in the shop.*

*Which is why it took me 1.5 hours on public transportation to get to my interview on Thursday. Jrex biked 40 minutes each way to work one day, bummed a ride the next and then WALKED an hour and a half there on Friday. After hearing that story, someone from lab loaned us their second car until ours is fixed.


Lori said...

Does your car insurance have a loaner clause? I had a car repaired and walked/bussed around for a week - and THEN found out about the loaner thing.

Hang in there - carless sucks.

Snickollet said...

Oh, don't you hate having to use unexpected money for something as mundane as car repair? And don't you hate that it's so hard to get by without a car?

Hope your Subaru is back to you soon.

Rachel said...

Why does it always happen that way? You get some extra money, then something unexpected comes up...Hope it all works out okay. It was sweet of JRex's coworker to loan you guys a car, though.

scarp said...

When things like this happen, I try to think of it like...Wow, if I hadn't gotten this unexpected money, I would have been hurting to cover this expense. Thank you for providing Lord.

That's not to say that I am always successful in this attempt, but it can help...

bg's Little Sis said...

Yeah on the check, sucks on the car, but finding the silver lining that you can get it fixed without new debt is always a good thing.

Hope you get the subaru home soon:)

Anonymous said...

You have friends 7.97 miles away...why didn't you call?! Please do in the future!


OTRgirl said...

L--Jrex shares a certain dislike of asking for help...I nagged him to call the advisor for a ride (since Jrex was meeting him) and he didn't want to bother him.

Also, the job interview commute was beautiful in theory but difficult when no one in Milbrae had ever heard of the express bus to Foster City...back on the train to Hillsdale and a 20 minute wait for a cab ride later, I got to the appointment five minutes early.