October 12, 2006

Shoulda, coulda, woulda

Hmm...in recent comments, Weigook mentioned that she was always able to pick up a wireless signal in this area. Tonight was the night that we finally got internet access. Of course the only jack that seems to be working for the wireless router is in our bedroom. During my exile in the office/guestroom, I tried out the wireless connection. With no trouble at all, I automatically linked to 'GutNet'. Cool! Though the name seemed odd.

It's not our network.

Jrex is still fussing with the set-up in the other room. I could have been on-line this whole time! Granted, I've been working full time just unpacking, going to IKEA to buy shelving units, unpacking more, organizing, running back to IKEA, walking to the hardware store, opening yet more boxes. You get the idea.

The office is more or less put together. The bedroom is mostly done. The kitchen is great. I found a TV at Salvation Army for $50. Once I get a job we can get a Lord-of-the-Rings-worthy TV, but this will work in the meantime. The biggest problem is that I still have eighteen more boxes of books to cram in to very little space. Even though we left a lot of stuff behind, it's difficult to go from over 1400 square feet to 850 or so.

When we had to pick a user name for our new internet service, I suggested 'toomanydamnbooks@sbc.com'.


bg's Little Sis said...

Yeah, you're there in your own place. sounds like you all are settling in, hope things continue to fall into place and sending good thoughts on the job search.

All the Best!

Inkling said...

You're back! We missed you!

As for the books.....well.....I've got dozens of boxes languishing in a UHaul storage unit across town. We just couldn't fit anymore in our tiny space of approximately 500 square feet. Yikes! Of course, I could have put them under the bed, but then where would I put my clothes?

Ah well, keep your books, and someday you'll have grand bookshelves and a whole room just for them. At least, that's the mantra I tell myself. Guess you won't be driving up to Oregon to check out the mammoth used bookstore up there......

Anyway, so glad you're back!

OTR sister said...

The mammoth used bookstore in Portland is amazing! Sorry - I was distracted by that tangent.

Glad to have you back!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to be able to get our tri-weekly
fix again by Sojournering.

If you can't find a good used bookstore
in a five-mile radius, well, that's why God
made libraries -- so we would have a
place to dump our boxes of used books.

Most books are kept for sentimental reasons.
At the moment, sentiment is not good.
Throw away any book that (1) you're
not going to read (again or for the first
time) or (2) that does not have quotes
that you need.

Just pick up the book, say "That's a
mathom", and dump it.

If you make a mistake and want a book
you've tossed, well, that's why God
really made libraries.

Keep the blogs a'comin.

snickollet said...

Welcome to your new home! I missed you.

Glad you're up and running. Looking forward to hearing more.

Lori said...

Books are the absolute worst to move. M. has boxes and boxes of magazines, as well, an they drive me insaaaaaane when we move (it doesn't help that he originally packed them to ship back from Japan [size of box was more important than weight], so that each box is basically a little black-hole-in-training).

Hang in there - I feel your pain over the Ikea/hardware store runs. But it will feel soooo goooood when it's all done. :)

Anonymous said...

Come on. Come on.

Update us. Us junkies need a fix.