October 13, 2005

Dog's Life

She looks peaceful now. Don't be lulled. At 4 pm she wakes up and begins to attack her chew toys and anything else I toss into her den. Shredded across the floor are the remains of yesterday's cardboard tube.

I love playing with my camera's slow sync flash. However, I don't think Jada appreciates it . . .


kathleen said...

Hey, OTR girl! So glad you are doing this...maybe I should get a blogspot instead of sending out those weekly e-mails....hmmm. I love your blog name, your history and your dog. I hope she and Blue can meet one day. Blue just got spayed a couple days ago...somehow I had more empathy with her than I remember having with the other pets in my life. Even let them add pain meds onto the cost. She would walk from one place to another in the house and stop and stare, as if to say, "What did I get up for?" peace & joy

Jim said...

Your dog is cute- reminds me a little of Bear- who is long since gone... Oddly, I had a dream about Bear the other night. Very vivid for some reason and it stayed with me throughout the day.

Everblest said...

How cool is this? I love the pictures of your dog. Just before we moved to this house, I saw an ad for a dog in the newspaper that almost made me want a dog. But my allergies reminded me immediately after why I don't have one.

Grace and Peace,